Twitter for dummies Prt2

Right so, we have a profile we like set up now lets get on to tweeting. First thing, there is a character limit of 140 on each tweet. So keep it short.

I remember reading somewhere that you should tweet what you are doing or what you are thinking. Right sounds easy but is what Im doing really that interesting? Lets look at a quick day in the life of me…

Just woke up, hair is not doing what it should…..

No traffic on the way to work. Bonus!

Oh yay! I get to do paper work today!

Customer just had his bulb fitted and though it was too expensive. Rubbish.

Conference call today. Way too long.

I have to say unless this is one if my close friends then this is not what I want to be reading regularly. To be honest, even if this is coming from a close friend I don’t want to read it. Sorry imaginary tweeter.

So what do you want to read in a tweet? For me something funny is always a hit but I think the best bit of advice Ive seen is treat a tweet like a conversation, if it not adding something or constructive then don’t tweet it. I realized some of this may come across hypocritical because we are not going be constantly adding constructive tweets to our feed, and not everyone will be able to relate to everything we tweet so some of it may come across superfluous, hell, sometimes we may just be really excited about something and what to announce it. Don’t forget people use twitter to promote things too. Go for it, as long as you mix it up a bit.

Also a quick note, this may be for me more than you but it’s worth a mention. Spelling. Get it right, notice a made a spelling mistake in those fake tweets above? Yeah, now who looks daft? You cannot go back and edit your tweets so read it over before you hit post!

So that’s some basics of content to get us started but those fake tweets don’t look right. Don’t most tweets have hashtags (#) and the at symbol (@)? Quick confession, my laptop doesnt have a the # printed on any key so it took me longer than I would like to admit to find it….

Lets start with the hashtag, it’s a tagging mechanism. You’ll notice the word you’ve placed your hashtag in front of will turn into a link once you’ve used it in a tweet, clicking this link will then take you all the tweets other people have made over the same topic. Easy, right?

There are two way to use the @, both methods you put it in front of a username. If you put it at the start of your tweet with nothing in front of it’s classed at a reply, the tweet will appear in that persons notifications remember it is still a public reply so will appear in the feeds of people who follow both you and the person you are sending it to.

If you put the @username anywhere else in the tweet then it’s called a mention and will appear on every ones feed and in the person you mentions notifications. Both methods will also turn the username into a link to the persons profile.

That should be the basics, as I understand them anyway, of formatting a tweet. Stay tuned as I discover more about tweeting and share what else I learn or is there something quite big I’ve missed? Let me know, I can sometime miss the elephant sitting in the room!

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