Topic Five : A short-term goal you have.

Gosh, I am so good at this daily blogging thing arent I? //sarcasm (if you couldnt already guess)
In honor of the not being able to blog on a daily bias I changed the challenge name to topic instead of day, makes me feel less guilty about not writing every day. 😛

I guess a short term goal of mine is to complete this challenge some time soon, preferably by the end of next month. Meaning I should be blogging about four times a week. I think that’s a bit more achievable than blogging daily as I really don’t so something interesting every day.

Not that I don’t work on this site on a regular bias, for example this week alone I have re worked the side bar menu, looks a bit more organized and click able. Also wrote a little script to show the newest icons added to each icon section. That alone took two days to write, even though it is possibly the shortest script in the history of scripts. In fact it’s so small that I hesitate to call it a script. 😀 I’m still ridiculously proud of it though. I also added a layout section, been meaning to work on that one for a good while but wasn’t really in the mood to code the layouts till this week. There is only two there at the moment but I have a few more in the works that are waiting to be coded. Some feedback on them would be greatly appreciated. I also made a mini script to easily show the layouts and their links to the sample view and its zip file (though I haven’t uploaded the zips yet). Its a handy little script, very simple. I might work on it a bit more, try to add some pagination so that when I add a few more it doesn’t overload the page. So I’m always (more or less) around, tweaking and what not, I just don’t always write about it.

Ooooh and out of the online world I made a mini relaxation pack for a friends birthday, it’s been uploaded to instragram there on the right. Or check it out here. I wanted to make soemthing personal for her and she always says how she can’t relax fully so I hope this will help her out a bit.

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