Topic 8 : Something made to entertain but has changed your life

These blogging topics are thought provoking aren’t they? 10 points to Hanna for pointing out the obvious…

I cant really recall anything media wise that has had that big of an impact on me, yeah there are films and books that I adore that have made me think differently or aspire to do something but nothing that springs to mind. I do remember a goth kid (maybe not a kid) that did stick in my mind. I cant recall how old I was, probably around 10 to 12 years old, it was a friends birthday and we were on the way to an ice rink. I was just looking out the window of the car as you do, seeing what was a about and what not. There was a guy, nothing special about him, I can’t even remember his face, I do remember his outfit. Chunky black boots, black leather trousers, black t-shit, black wrap round sunglasses and the most stunning full length black leather jacket. Now if you haven’t figured this guy was the typical 90’s goth. Probably one of the first I saw whose outfit I registered. I make it sound like I had never seen a goth before but that’s not quite right, I grew up living next door to a couple who were typically Gothic so I’d been exposed to the culture before but at the time I wasn’t in to fashion / genre or how I looked to other people so it didn’t really make an impact. When I saw him I was starting to become aware of clothes and genres and peer groups. I remember my mouth dropping open at the sight of that jacket, and yet it still took me years to get my own full length jacket, of which I don’t even have a picture of to show you…
I really need to start keeping a record of some of my outfits because I’m coming up with a fair few combo that I really like… I guess that’s what instagram is for :p

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