Topic 7 : Something about your family.

Yes, I know I was getting along so well with the regular blogging and then stopped, least for a short while. Reason being this topic stumped me. Not that I dont know anything about my family, I would be the densest person around if I couldn’t tell you something about my family. Its just what to say about them. I adore them but what about them do I want to share about them? To be honest, nothing. Its my family and I want to be greedy about them and have them all to my self! 😀
I remember being younger and not liking my friends coming over too much because I didn’t want mum or dad to fuss over them. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being an only child. Im still funny about people coming over to the house when Mum and dad are there, I just dont like sharing them with other people. Everyone that I bring over seems to love my parents and really gushes over them. But they are fabulous (read that word again with more flamboyance please, thats how I wrote it). For example, an old mate came over a fair while back and he was hungry, now before I moved home I would said ‘there’s the kitchen mate sort yourself out, you know how to make a sandwich’, but not now. Now mum being a naturally nice and caring mothering type of person she made him a sandwich toasted it, put in proper salad and everything (Mum’s sandwichs are legendary) and he was thoroughly chuffed with it. Now this seems like such a trivial little thing and every now and then I’m okay with it but I really wouldnt want someone over every other day being doted on. Like I said Im an only child so really not used to sharing my parent’s parenting skills with others. 😀 I’ll nearly anything else with a smile but not them. 😀

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