Topic 20 : Nicknames you’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ve not given up this mini blogging challenge. Onward to the next topic!

I’ve not really acquried many nicknames, people have been known to shorten my name and call me ‘Han’ or something similar but I Like my name so there we go it doesn’t happen much.

I have managed to get a couple of names online that, like most people, I came up with myself.

The first one I think I ever used ‘Avoiceofed’, which I know looks like a jumble of letters but actually means ‘A Voice Of Ed’. It was ‘inspired’ by the character Ed from Cowboy Bebop, featured below. ed

She was always in her own little world and Im pretty sure she heard voices. So the name was born.

For the longest time now though, I’ve been using Maladjusted, or Maladjusted86. Its a shortened form of Maladjusted-freak but that tends to be too long for most applications so I shortened it. originally Maldajusted-freak was a song lyric from a Pitchshifter song that I think I used in passing but it kinda stuck and morphed to Maladjusted, now everything I do or make is sign Maladjusted something. I love it.

Oh, one nick name that a friend used to call me Fizgig. It’s the growly, bitey fluffyball from Dark Crystal. I used to mock growl and nip so she called me Fizgig after. It didn’t really stick but every now and then she’d call me it.


And that’s my nicknames. I think. Pretty sure that’s it. Stay tuned for next week when tell more amazingly interesting stories about Maladjusted aka Hanna. Arent you excited?

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