Topic 19 : A place to which you want to go.

Since I read Geshias of Gion, I have always wanted to go the Gion to see a real geisha in full regalia. To be fair, I’ve actually wanted to go to japan since I was a kid and Pokemon was a thing because Japan is where Pokemon and Anime come from! Yeah I know, every kid into anime wants to go to Japan. That’s so clique! Well whats your point? I still wanna go some day. And I will.
Japan, seems like it would be a weird mix of modern and ancient. With cutting edge tech next to old shrines. A mix of tradition with new thinking. I don’t know, maybe it’ll be nothing like that but if it was that would be cool and such fun to experience and try capture.
Then there’s the fashion, I just mean looking at the fashion not so much buying it. Its were Lolita come from right so there has to be Lolita version of Camden somewhere there, right? Fancy frills everywhere! That would be great.

Besides what I have seen on various anime and read in mostly fiction books I really know nothing about Japan. It just one of those places that I hear talked about with such reverence that I cant shake the idea of going. If I did go, I would have to plan a serious itinerary and do some crazy research.

Another place I want to go is the valley of the kings, this one again Ive wanted since I was a kid because I was mad about Egyptian mythology. I don’t have a favorite pharaoh or tomb but to see some of the stories on the walls of the pyramids would be a dream.


Amal Coad

I’m sure you’ll get to visit Japan and Egypt soon. They certainly are must-go places. 🙂 Thanks for blog

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