Topic 18 : Your favourite colour(s).

What on earth do you write about with this topic? My favourite colour is blue, nearly any shade depending on my mood.
Thats it the post is done. Completed. That was the quickest blog challenge post yet.

Okay so I did google this one too see if I could get any ideas about what to write about. Nothing I found was overly inspiring to be honest. Most of it was about art challenges and using your favourite colour in some sort of craft. So I figured lets show off my favourite blue creation and it is of course my nails!
Blue Gradient Nails
More than likely you’ve seen this one before because its amazing. And there is something about blue grandients that just appeals to me. This isnt the tidiest gradient I have dont but I do love the two shades and they mixed well. The glitter was just icing on the cake or nails. This really puts me in the mood to try a few more gradients as I havent done one in a while… Stay tuned for that!

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