Topic 17: One of your celebrity crushes.

Celeb crushes. That’s easy none. I’m one of those people that actually feels an attraction to the character or personality more than the looks. Don’t get me wrong I can and do appreciate a good looking lad but I don’t exactly start day dreaming about meeting them. I have been know to include a fictional character or two in my day dreams and yes that fictional character does look like the actor who plays them but I have no idea who the actor is so it is tricky to have a crush on them, where as the character they play yeah I can have a crush on them.

The tenth Dr who is probably my default crush when asked this, he is an awesome character. Funny, fierce and intelligent. Plus he can do a sick Scottish accent (yes, I know Tennant is Scottish but the Dr isn’t), and honestly are you going to turn down a man that has a TARDIS? Really? I know you shouldn’t date someone for their car but its a frickin’ TARDIS! You realize it travels in space and time? and has an uncanny ability to always land smack dab in the middle of trouble? Right. I think I have to be honest with myself here, I don’t think I have a crush on the doctor… I think I have a crush on the TARDIS….
Doctor Who image
I mean look at that lovely big blue box, ignoring the hansom chap next to it. You know you wish you had one!
And here is a random image propgating the Doctor as the perfect boyfriend that made me chuckle.
Oh wait there’s more…
A dr and Green lanturn mash up, found on pintrest. Not sure how I feel bout this one… Giving the doctor a ring that materializes what ever he can imagine might be too much for one person.

And the last one is Tennant in a spiderman tee. Isnt that cool?

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