Topic 16: Something you do like about yourself.

Isnt this one imaginative? Its a complete opposite of the previous topic!
Oddly enough I didn’t even think of anything I could talk about here when I was writing about the things I don’t like.
What do I like about me? Lots of things, namely the fact I am me… That’s probably a good start. I would hate to be someone else, but I suppose if I was someone else then I would still be myself, so I guess I would still like myself? Weird. There you go though, that is actually something I like about myself, my odd little thought patterns that don’t really make sense unless you live somewhere in my head. And I don’t really want other people in my head because that would be well and truly weird and not in a good way.
That’s that. Im going to keep this one short and sweet because I can, and I don’t want this is deteriate into a random babble with no point. So I’ll keep it to a short babble.

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