Topic 15: Something you don’t like about yourself.

Really, something I don’t like about myself? I love myself! That’s that, blog post over.

Nah, There is quite a bit I would change about myself but most of things are superficial and based on a passing whims so I’d probably regret it if I did physically change something. Weight loss would be a good one, after all no one really likes being a larger lady, I’d have much more choice in clothes and some would even be cheaper. But again without the work to get the lesser weight I’d probably gain back and end up at square one.
But that is something I don’t like about myself, its not like it’s an issue for me so much, most of the time I accept my weight happily, more or less. Im not hugely obese to the point I cant function, nor do I start feeling self conscious around size 0 girls. Yes I am aware that Im bigger than some people but we are all different, and that’s what makes the world great. I can dress to suit my size and I wear the correct size clothes so I don’t have that annoying muffin top thing, which I have to say isn’t exclusively reserved for big girls, I’ve seen slender girls have that to.
Plus size and weight are things that you can work on changing with time, just put your head down and do it. So in a small way that’s what I am trying to do. Never focus on the negative about yourself, there are plenty of people who will do that for you, focus on what you can change about yourself if want to and focus on what makes you happy because you are the only one you can let yourself be happy. If you don’t like something about you then change it or learn to accept it, its part of you.
And that brings us to the end of the personal life coaching session, the end of that got a little preachy but I hope you got what I ment and it didn’t come across as all knowing.

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