Topic 14: Your favourite thing to write about.

Oh another one of these…
My favourite thing to write about, certainly not this challenge. Though it has taught me to read through the next challenge in more detail before attempting to do it. So there’s a lesson.

I do enjoy writing about topics I’ve thought about. That’s really common sense isn’t?
What I mean is that I’ve attempted to sit there and just basically drop out thoughts and the like and it doesn’t work. The writing comes out choppy and disjointed, it reads poorly and I have to spend ages checking it over. Lets face it even when I check things over I still miss bad spelling and in some cases, I’ll miss whole words from sentences.
I also find that I have trouble articulating thoughts into something understandable if I haven’t thought about it. And that sentence is probably a good example of what I mean.
Don’t get me wrong, Im not factious enough to sit there and plan out a bunch of blogs (obviously) but I tend to think about what I’m blogging before hand so I have a good direction what I want to achieve from the post. Whether or not I achieve from an other persons perspective is another matter entirely. And that’s the same principle I used when I’ve written essays or letter or what ever.
For me as long I’ve had a change to think it over, I can generally enjoy writing about it. That’s a really generic answer but its true.


Amal Coad

quite an amusing read. 🙂

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