Topic 12 : Your favourite place to hang out

I used to have a favorite place to hand out, well not so much a hang out as a playground. We used to live above a shop that had a set of allotments behind it, that’s rented gardens to our non-English resident readers. At the back of these allotments was a row or garages and the very last allotment had a little section that ran up the side of these garages. The very end allotment was never used and I think as treated as a bit of a dumping ground. There were two trees that grew in it and the bit that ran up besides the was almost fenced off but there was a cut in the fence that allowed me to play in between there. I kept an old stool up there that my cat used to sit on, because my favorite playmate was always my cat, Ceaser. I would catch spiders in a giant sweet jar, you the ones that the weighing sweets came from, so that they wouldn’t creep up on me when I was playing around there. I think I even made a mud pie in an old pot up there once, well to be honest it was probably more than once. I don’t really remember what games I used to play there but I remember being complete impersed in my own little play world. The allotment was so close to the house so Mum and Dad never worried but it was hidden enough that I could imagine my own little world quite happily then pop back to the real world for the occasional snail race.

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