Topic 12: Your favourite place to hang out.

I’ve just remembered that I started this blogging challenge way back when and never really got to finishing it. So attempt number three now I think, and I haven’t even gotten half way through….

It kinda funny seeing this topic pop up as I was just writing about my favourite place to go was Camden town. Although that is one of my favourite places to go, I can’t go that often. I think that is what makes it special to me though. If I lived there or went up every week it would get dull. The reason I enjoy it is because its a great place to people watch. Everyone one goes to Camden town. Tourists and locals, and watching their delight as they go into Cyberdog for the first time or the fascination with the food stalls just giving them food to try it great. It seems no one can be miserable there. Then you have all alternatives, who you know go pretty regularly as they dodge between the crowds and into shops that you didn’t actually realize were there. Then there is the market stalls, these are probably the better parts to go shopping in. The main high street has pretty much the same thing over and over again but the stalls have a few independent stalls that are really unusual. I’ve seen a guy who sells earrings made of real butterfly wings, he was only there once and forgot to get a business card off him. There are a few artists stalls around that have a mixture of popular figures in their styles as well as original art. All in all its always a good day out.

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