Topic 11 : Your philosophy on life

I have a couple a different philosophies on life or should I say aspects of life. Probably the most occurring one is treat people how you would want to be treated. Its such simple one but one that is often forgotten about. I realize I am probably just saying this as I work retail but I guess that means I am just more exposed to people rudeness than the average office worker (no offense intended). By that I mean I will probably deal with at least one rude person a day, definitely more on a weekend, I am by no means saying that all people in offices deal with nice flowery people at all. Rude people are everywhere, its more of a if you deal with public you will run in to them more frequently. My biggest bug bear is those who come in to my shop and are surprised that I will be doing the work for them. I appreciate that I work in a very male orientated business (car and bike shop) but seriously, would I still be working there if I was a clueless air hear? Easy answer no. My favorite thing in the whole world is when I’m standing next to one of the lads and some one comes up for help, me being the good helpful sort will ask “What can I help you with sir/miss?” and the customer then proceeds to talk to my college, who at this point hasn’t said anything to them. Now just to clarify I trained half the guys in the store to fit on cars or sort out simple bike repairs, yet certain customer see breasts and assume that I can’t help them. Now surprisingly its not the burly builder types that tend to ignore me (or the other ladies), they tend to find it very amusing that a girl is going to the fit and have a bit of a laugh with it. Its the middle aged women that are the worst for it, the best response I’ve had (and I’ve had it a few times) is “Oh you’re going to do it?”. No lady, I’m not going to do it, I’m just going outside in the rain to stare at the car till the headlight works again. Its not so much the words, the words I can deal with you may just be checking who is doing the work. Its the tone, that condescending tone that makes you want to just throw the bulb at them.
Seriously in the this day and age. So I say again. Treat people how you would want to be treated, whether you are in a shop or on the street. It can really make the difference to a persons day. This does include saying please and thank you.

Well that rather quickly turned into a rant… Didn’t really mean it to but you get the idea. One other life lesson I will share before popping off is always smile. Trust me even if you are in a foul mood where you have thrown spanners at everyone you have met and people are avoiding you like the plague or approaching you with a clipboard shield, smile. No, not just to creep people out. The smile actually tricks your brain into thinking you are happy thus releasing happy chemicals into your brain (if you want technically data go and Google it). This really does work, I cant tell you how many bad moods have been ruined because I had to smile at work, next thing I knew I was in a sing from the roof tops happy type of mood. Plus smiling mean less wrinkles so turn that frown upside down. 😀

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