Topic 10 : The weirdest dream you’ve had.

Ooooh I like this topic, years ago I had the most awesome dream ever. There were these flying platforms, that I knew were the typical mode of transport for time period (I think it was future), the earth was being invaded by aliens, I never saw the aliens in their adult forms but they laid their young everywhere. The baby aliens hatched from tiny clear jelly-like eggs, that would be piled up together like big dry piles of frog spawn, and looked very much like giant black spiders with fat bodies and long lanky legs. The eggs would crack open just at the top (think face huggers from ‘alien’ style) and the little buggy aliens would scurry out tiny little creatures that would grow large within hours. When they were small they were harmless things almost vulnerable, they would have to wait and hide till their eggs shells dried out then eat the shells to help them grow quickly. If you heard shells crunching underfoot then you knew there were spider-aliens nearby and to be on your guard. Me and a few other people were part of a resistance or something similar, it wasn’t exactly clear what we were but we were in the minority and fighting the aliens for control of the earth. Our mission was to try and kill the young ones before they matured, sounds easy enough but the eggs seems to pop up in the most random of places, this batch was hiding under the ‘dashes’ of the flying vehicles, but they could turn up any where. In this dream they some how managed to get in to my boots and I crushed a batch of them as I put them on while we were ‘suiting up’. Instead of being grossed out, it was a really great accomplishment. The dream sort of faded from there. I like to think that we, of course, saved the world with complete ease. We squished our way to victory. The reason that dream really sticks with me after so long is that it felt so real, I could smell the diesel from the flying platforms, I knew the history of the aliens and how they came to earth. It was intense, for a dream anyway.



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