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So this shop find is a little different as its not about one shop/stall/seller, its about general finds in Pound shops.
Now I used to be a complete snob when it came to Pound shops. Thinking that only the lowest of the low shopped there and that the product quality was absolute trash. Nowadays I tend to have a wonder and see what’s about. You do have to be careful about what you buy and what you are going to use it for but there are somethings in there that are fairly decent for the price. There are some bargains to be had and there are some not so good deals to be had. As was seen on watchdog some things are cheaper in supermarkets when they are on offer but even then make sure the offer is genuine but that’s a topic for an other post.
So in prep for the post I did a little digging around online to see where Pound shops are likely to get their stocks from. Hoping that the fraud never popped up. You know what it didn’t. It seems most of the stock comes from surplus stock from the big chains, or stock that is end of line, or has an issue with the packaging. That issue can be that the label is changing or that there is an error. Neither factor would affect the actual product quality. It also seems that they commission some stock from the suppliers direct and promise to sell a certain about of product if the supplier can provide what they are asking. So the stock seems legit. Again the amounts that are sold in pound shops can be different to what’s found in the main supermarkets so if you’re comparing prices bear that in mind.

Right, I mainly nip into pound shops for nail varnish as odd as that sounds. Because my job is very practical my varnishes don’t last long, a day is normally the standard for me. So I started not wanting to spend £4 or upwards on a bottle. I was in there with a friend and I noticed that they had a couple of bottles of sally Hansen, I thought what the hell lets give it a try. Since then Ive been hooked. Not going to lie, I tend to stick to the branded names when I’m picking up nail polishes and more recently I’ve even found some of the dazzle dusts from BarryM but I haven’t used them as make up yet. I bought them for using in my crafting.Here are a few of polishes I’ve collected.

IMG_7102.JPG IMG_7103.JPG IMG_7104.JPG

I still buy certain polishes from the big shops, if I’m after a certain colour or if I want something specific but if you are just looking around and are happy with opportunist buys then check out what you can find.

I always have a little wonder around to see if there is anything else, on occasion Ive managed to pick up some nail tools, which Ive had for 6 months now and they are still in great shape. Ive also picked up a few storage containers, but they are a bit hit and miss. Some can be really flimsy and break really quick others seem to be half decent.

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Parcel opening!

So I recently ordered a lovely little pendant from Charlotter Rose shop. I meant to record a little video opening it because I was so excited but I opened without recording cause waiting is not one of my strong points.
Warning there are quite a few photos!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 03

What was in the package…

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 30 (1)

Under the bubble wrap..

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 10

Pretty envelope, this contained the invoice.

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 43

The package. Prettiness! Whats inside?

Photo 09-09-2014 12 14 23

oooh shinny! Look at the glitter!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 16 24

Its a Batman Pendant! Think I love it…. Yes I do love it. na na na na na na BATMAN! Brilliant.

Stunning little piece, great length of chain that finished with a heart clasp. The charm itself is the perfect size, and the colour combo is typical Batman but a great combo with the heart and Batman symbol. Thank you so for it!

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Car boot Finds


So the car boot season has started again and its fabulous. Great place to pick up bits and pieces for my favorite new hobby of resin crafts. This little bundle of bits pictured above was only £3.40, bargin.
Odd think is I was thinking of making some emoticon necklaces so the beads are perfect for the next casting. And I’m always on the look out for new molds, so the Tetris one there was another perfect find. Although I have seen nicer ones that look more like Tetris blocks with the blocks divided, I like the smooth finish on this one as I might be able to have a bit of flex with what I use it for.
The beads are just handy to have, not got any plans for them yet but of course I will use them somewhere.


This one I am so chuffed with, nothing to do with crafting but the cutest tin of a Dalek, not exactly a collectors item but I love it all the same! Needs a touch of cleaning up but other than that the condition is near perfect.

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