The Light box took off

As title suggests, my light box got the better of me and had now moved to live in the bin. In theory great idea, one that I will re visit in the future but for now I will have to make do with natural light on my days off.
I’ll list some of the main issues I had, in case they may be of help to anyone else (and I have them when I re build it).

1. The shape of the box was far too big and long. Bearing in mind the items I was trying to photograph were very small, the box I had chosen (found) was one designed to hold several stereo, it was difficult to move around and fill with a background.

2. Keep the light sources the same. I attempted to work with a couple of different lights, that were all different tempratures, this seem to completely confuse the cameras white baleancing feature. When I used one lamp in conjunction with nautral light it the photos cam out much brighter and cleaner.

3. Your camera’s flash is not always your friend. The flash seemed to negate all the placement I worked on with the extra lamps and just bring back the harsh shadows. Plus on shinny objects it adds a massive glare spot to everything.

3. Standard paper will black out most of the light, so work with bright lights or use tissue paper. I ended up using an old thin sheet that created a nice glow.

4. Not really light box related but still worth a mention, use a tripod. You will have to play with your cameras settings (especially if you have manual settings) if you set your exposure longer than normal you will need something steady to avoid blurry photos.

For the time being I will have to settle for taking photos on my days off on sunny days, though I will add that sunlight can be very unreliable so be prepared to take lots of photos to get that perfect one.

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