Kick Ass Kisses : NYX Liquid Suede

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Today I want to rave about the NYX Liquid Suede. This has been around forever but it has only recently come to the UK and its still not available in every Boots store. Boots get on that. I can only pick it up if I go to a particular town, least I can get it and that’s the main thing.

The Boots website describes it as the following :

Doll up your lips in plush and vibrant color! NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on and sets into a striking matte finish.
Velvety soft and waterproof, this long-lasting lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe.
Personally, the packaging on these is probably one of my favorites. The tubes are fairly good representations of the colour in the tube with a black lid. Its not glamorous or oustantagious but its clean and makes an impact. For me at least. Sounds daft as well but the colour and formula details are printed on the side, which I also like. A really cool thing with NYX too is that not only do the colours have names but they have number which makes is so easy to match to the samples on the shelves when shopping!


The doe foot is longer than most and has no angle on it, which isnt like most liquid lipsticks applicators I’ve tried but that doesn’t really impact the performance of the application. In fact I think it helps a little to get right to the edges of your lips, especially the sides.

The colour payout on these is absurdly good, incredibly vivid colours. That was one of the biggest draws for me. You can choose something fairly neutral or you can go complete off the wall with these. Its colour banaza! And you don’t have to layer it up to that vivid colour, pretty much one swipe and BAM there it is!
The Forumula is so creamy and so smooth, they really live up to the name suede. And they are so light to wear! They honestly feel great, and they are not in the least drying.


The colours shown from left to right are :

Stone Fox : A grey with a slight bluey-green undertone.
Life’s A Beach : A bright coral
Pink Lust : A vividly bright barbie pink
Little Denim Dress : A massively bright sky blue
Amethyst :  A deep purple
Oh, Put It On : A dark deep purple

My only issue with these is that some of them don’t dry down completely, like most Matte lipsticks. Now that is a little expected with a formula that doesn’t dry my lips out and it tends to be the lighter colours but I guess to get that pigmentation you have give a little.

There is a bit of transfer with these, not much and the colour still holds on really well on your lips. But they also will only last a few hours without being touched up, especially if things touch your lips a lot like me. They do look mostly matte which is why I like them but be aware you will have to touch up throughout the day. which also means that they aren’t smudge prof either. Not a big deal really as they do leave behind a slight stain so thin layers are the way to go with these. Again they wear off pretty evenly so even while its wearing off its still looks half decent. They do take a bit more time, than other liquid lipsticks, to dry down probably about 5 minutes and as I’ve said it wont be completely dry. Saying that, you also expect it to be tacky but it isn’t, it stays really comfortable and smooth throughout the day.

Here’s what they look like on lips.

From left to right, we have Pink LustLittle Denim Dress and Stone Fox. I think I might try including a full face image next time.

Price is also really affordable at £6.50 per 4ml. And that will last you a while, because you only need a bit cover the lips fully.

Overall I love these, stone Fox being my ultimate favorite! I would definitely recommend these to anyone and have done.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

About the article; all photos were taken by me with minimal editing, usually just cropping. The words and opinions made here are purely my own and from my own experiences. No products were sent to me and they were paid for by myself.

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Kick Ass Kisses : Freedom Pro Melts

What this another Lipstick review/discussion? Yes. Yes it is. Today I wanted to talk about Freedom Pro melts. Dont they look posh? Only £3. Bargin or what? Again this was a bit of an impluse buy while shopping around superdrug. Superdrug, has a good knack of putting things in the right place for impluse purchases, Well done super drug. As you can guess it was the price point that pulled me into this one. For three pounds you can’t really go wrong.

So first thing with these, I adore the outer packaging. Simple and professional looking. Im not a fan of the actually lipstick container. I think the white cap, though stands apart from other brands, looks a tad too plain.

The price point on these are its biggest draw, £3 for a tube of 7.5ml which calculates to £2 per 10ml. Which is darn cheap. Can it really go wrong for that price?

As you can see I picked two colours out. The blue is called ‘Just do it’ and the Purple is ‘Wanted’.


The Applicators are standard angled doe foots, so application is easy, though I struggled to get it near the edge of lips without it noticably bleeding. Results would probably be better with a lip liner. There is no smell from either so that is a bonus.

Wanted (the purple one) goes on quite well. It gives fairly decent coverage if you apply it generaouly. Not excessively but more dont be stingy with the product. It is definitly more of gloss than a lipstick so there is a nice shine to it. The forumla still seemed a little streaky on it own, so I would recomend using something under it to give a better colour finish. I felt the product moved around a little more than I like once it has been applied and I’d often get little bits on my teeth and around my piercing. So it does need to be touched up through out the day.


‘Just do it’ (the blue one), was just wrong. The colour payout was dissapointing to say the least. A thin layer over another lipstick is the way to go with this one. It comes out really sheer. Even trying to build it up it is just streaky and patchy. This cannot be worn on its own at all. Which made me really sad because I this as a solid colour would have been awesome. Like the purple this moves on the lips after application a little too much for my comfort and with harsh colours like this you do have to be carefull because smudges look so much more noticable.


The lovegevity of both lipsticks is neglible for me. As Ive said before, I smoke and drink (coffee) all day so transfer is the bane of my lipsticks and this just melts away before I’ve even finished a cup. If you looking for something for a photoshoot or something quick then these are great otherwise there are better options out there, even in the more outragous colours.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. Im not a massive fan of lip glosses to start with, for me these appealed to be because of the bright colours and I enjoy trying new lipsticks. Do you agree with me, or do think these are the bees knees?

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Kick Ass Kisses : Bonjour Rouge

Today we are looking at Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Ole Flamingo 5. This is the first lip liquid lipstick that I purchased specifically as a long wear liquid lipstick. It was just a random little find from Superdrug, also the first Bonjour product I’ve purchased so I was quite excited to try it.

The product is described as a Bold colour with matt finish and Flawless hold, which as I said before is why I thought it would be a good buy. I paid £8.99, which works out as £13.42 per 10ml, least according to the superdrug site it does. Seems reasonable for a drug store brand and for the quantity.
The package is cute and small, perfect for makeup bags, well, perfect for my tiny makeup bag.


It comes with a pretty standard angled doe foot applicator that is easy to use and control the application. The actual texture of the product is smooth and feels fairly moisturizing for a supposed matte formula.
I adore the colour, even though with lipsticks I tend to prefer the louder more unusual colours this one just spoke to me. The colour really popped with just one layer, I found it to a be a very wearable colour.
The longevity was debatable. It definitely wasn’t touch proof. I’m a smoker and a chronic coffee drinker so things are always touching my lips and there was a fair bit of transfer to start with. Oddly enough though, the colour always seemed quite strong on the lips even after a few cups of coffee and me feeling like half the colour should have transferred off!


Looks great right. But hold on, it looks a little shinny there doesn’t it? That was my big issue with this lipstick. It’s advertised as matte, but it doesn’t really dry down. It isn’t exactly a high shine but it definitely is not a matte. I’d say more of a satin finish, not a big deal unless you wanted something matte then… don’t get this one.

To be honest though, even though the matte feature was one of the main reasons I bought this, I still really like it with the slight shine. The colour lasts a lot longer than standard lipsticks and when it does wear off it seems wear off evenly so it doesn’t look disastrous when it starts coming off. The formula is in no way drying and feels really light.

Over all I would definitely purchase this again, or at least purchase it in a different colour again.

Have you tried this before? What do you think of it? Is there anything I’ve missed about the product that you want to know?

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Halloween Zombies

So I’ve been looking around at costumes like I do every year around this sort of time. With thoughts of this is year I really want to do something out there, something that look really good. My biggest issue is finding a character that I really like. Most of the female characters I like wear clothes that leave little to the imagination, like Rogue (not the pansy movie version) who I would love to be able to dress up as but dont really fancy walking around in what is effectively a leotard. Nor would I want to insult the character (or her fan base) by making a messy costume. Then there is Selena (underworld), but I already pretty much own the gear she wears so the only thing I would need it blue contacts. Problem being no one would realize I was in costume…

Year before last I managed to scrape together a Ring Girl (Samara) costume (click to see), very roughly put together but it worked. The only problem that year was no one was out, by the time anyone else went out (ridiculously late, I might add) we had gotten pissed off and went home.
Last year I fancied going as something a little more glamorous so a 1920’s flapper it was.


The dress itself came from ebay and was a fair bit shorter than I expected but it was fun all the same. The feather boa was epically cool. I even had a cigarette holder which was super fun and worked.

This year, has me yet again stumped. Not even sure any one is going out on Halloween which leaves me a little sad faced. There are plans to go out to a zombie night in November but its for a birthday not Halloween, I guess I’ll be able to dress up as something, with a bit of luck I might even be able to get creative with two costumes! In preparation for this zombie night I have been looking at way to do zombie make up and the like. I think I have it down, in theory anyway. I spent the other night playing with make up trying to hollow my face out, I think I managed it though I do feel the effect was too subtle. I did look very ‘freshly dead’, I think with the addition of a bit of latex and blood the zombie effect would look quite effective but at the moment I don’t have either. Thankfully ebay is full of the stuff so a few days and a few clicks I’ll be able to have a bit of a play around with that. Might post pic so keep an eye out. I even read a few of tutorials how to make the over all look more complete, simple things like ripping and bloodying clothes but wash them in tea first to make them look aged. Put conditioner in your hair to make it extra greasy and limp. I switched that one up a bit, I have a massive pot of hair putty that I have never used that seems to create the same effect. I even started looking at coloured contacts lenses which for a vision impaired person is not as easy as it sounds. Nearly every site I have visited has the lenses I want but they are purely cosmetic. Now if I wore them I think I would be able to pull off the glazed Zombie look for most of the night but I wouldn’t be able to see anything all night which could lead to some rather embarrassing moments that I think might be best avoided. The few I managed to find are ridiculously expensive at £40 a pair. Okay they last about three months but realistically even if I wore them on all my days off (I think work would not be happy if I wore them there, scare the little kids) I would only wear them about ten times. Which doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll keep searching and hopefully I’ll be able to find something a little less expensive. Or I’ll just start researching laser surgery. 😀

Contact lenses on perscription links : Lensshopper EuroLens Vision Direct Amazon

Random Zombie Tutorials :
x x x x

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Day Two : Something you love

Okay so the bloggind challenge has been going well… Yeah I’ve had a busy month. Lots happening and changing, all for the good though.

Day Two Blogging Challenge : Something I love
Well I love a lot of things (or I treat them with indifference), but I do have a special place in my heart (and room) for Make up. Specifically Eye shadows and Nail Varnishes. For the Varnishes go have a look at my instagram because today I feel like chatting about the eyes stuff.


This is my little collection thus far, well its some of my collection there are a few bits an pieces scattered else where. It mainly consists of Barry M branded dusts. I find them much easy to get a smooth blend over the eye. The pressed powders get a bit messier because I prefer a brush to apply instead of the little pads so when I use the brush the pressed get blown everywhere.
At this point I would love to show off some mad skills with a stunning photo of my eyes make up but I havent got anything recent…. Its all so sad. Instead you will just have to take my word for it that I have a moderate skill. 😀

I started getting in to make up in general about 7 years ago, I never really used anything except eye shadows and that was mainly because I somehow stumbled on to a livejournal that was full of people posting stunning photos of their eye shadows. I tried so hard to emulate what I was looking at but never quite got it. I was just starting out so of course I couldnt do these fantastic designs but I tried. I even tried doing it on friends, more often than not it turned into a giant blur of colours more clown like than style icon. Eventually I picked up the basic skill of blending and proper application. It took time and patience and now I look back on some of my old photos and think ‘just no’. Again I’m not a Michelangelo at painting eyes but I can hold my own against most people nowadays. Next time I do something vaguely impressive I will have to post it somewhere.

Before I end this little topic, here’s a tip for longer lasting make up on your eyes at least. Before you apply the dust/powder rub some concealer over the eyes and into the skin so that its just a little damp. The dusts will cling to the concealer and not wear off as quickly.
Or there are now eye mouses, that on their own are not as vivid as they could be. But use them as a base and apply the dust over the mouse and again itll make the dust last far longer. I’ve used both these in the past and had my eye make up last all night with no touching up.

Any who on an other note, I’ve thrown together a few a couple posters. One for a work meeting / BBQ and the other for a little show Mum putting on for her work.

Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 20.54.44

Both were put together fairly quickly but I am very pleased with them. The images are all google search images from the respective official sites. I had major fun playing with the font on the green one.

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