Dr Who And Blue

My Latest casting pulled. This is probably half the pieces that I finished, well nearly finished. The Dr who pieces need to be painted and glossed. (Although plain colours can be be requested and added to my shop) I am half tempted to keep the blue lips for myself, its so pretty. With the skeleton I tried something new to try and bring the detail out more. It worked quite well though I think next time I will try it with a brighter colour to bring it out more.

And check this out..


I made some customer comment request cards for my colleagues to hand out at work. We have this thing where we are trying to get customers to feed back to us about the service. Hopefullt these will inspire people to contact us!

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Gothic cameos


Just pulled these pretties out of their molds! I am so unbelievably chuffed (that English slang for pleased) with how these turned out! Took twice as long to do and they still aren’t finished off but they look brilliant. But you know don’t let me blow my own trumpet.
Now I need to find a setting that will fit them.

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Topic 8 : Something made to entertain but has changed your life

These blogging topics are thought provoking aren’t they? 10 points to Hanna for pointing out the obvious…

I cant really recall anything media wise that has had that big of an impact on me, yeah there are films and books that I adore that have made me think differently or aspire to do something but nothing that springs to mind. I do remember a goth kid (maybe not a kid) that did stick in my mind. I cant recall how old I was, probably around 10 to 12 years old, it was a friends birthday and we were on the way to an ice rink. I was just looking out the window of the car as you do, seeing what was a about and what not. There was a guy, nothing special about him, I can’t even remember his face, I do remember his outfit. Chunky black boots, black leather trousers, black t-shit, black wrap round sunglasses and the most stunning full length black leather jacket. Now if you haven’t figured this guy was the typical 90’s goth. Probably one of the first I saw whose outfit I registered. I make it sound like I had never seen a goth before but that’s not quite right, I grew up living next door to a couple who were typically Gothic so I’d been exposed to the culture before but at the time I wasn’t in to fashion / genre or how I looked to other people so it didn’t really make an impact. When I saw him I was starting to become aware of clothes and genres and peer groups. I remember my mouth dropping open at the sight of that jacket, and yet it still took me years to get my own full length jacket, of which I don’t even have a picture of to show you…
I really need to start keeping a record of some of my outfits because I’m coming up with a fair few combo that I really like… I guess that’s what instagram is for :p

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