Bulbasaur Progress

I’m trying to put together a gijinka of bulbasaur, basically meaning a human version of the pokemon from the orginal 150. Below is the bulb I’ve made so far.
So this is my progress on the bulbasaur bulb for the end of the month. Its going, still not sure if its going well. Its all in one piece and sealed up with padding and backpack straps, which I forgot to add when I was doing the seams so Ive have to attach them to the outside of the bulb. The shape is there when I’m not wearing it but not once Ive put the backpack on, so more modifying needs to happen. I’m thinking if I sew the edges of the bulb over each other then it’ll look more like layers and create a rounded shape more like bulbasaurs.
Ive also go the dress to paint yet spots/marks on and the ears to make but they should take too long once the bulb is sorted. I was going to use the same fabric as the bulb to create the bulbasaur markings on the dress but I ran out of fabric so I figured hey why not just paint them on, and if this costume goes completely pear shaped I have made an awesome bulbasaur bulb cushion that is really soft! More progress later when I’ve actually made more of it!

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The Sewing skills abound! 

Can you guess what it is? Okay probably not from this picture but let me give you a hint.

It’s for a cosplay of the original starter Pokemon. Can you guess now? 

Let’s see how it goes…
Its taken me three days to post this from my phone so expect the next part soon, hopefully from my phone if Ive fixed it properly… 😀

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Self made molds

So I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but life and work keep getting in the way. I’ve also got a little video to edit and upload but I’ll get on that as soon as I can.
I also have all my latest MCM photos to edit and upload but I keep getting distracted but actually looking through them….. Any way on to the bits I wanted to share today.

I made a mold! Basically I found a couple of tutorials on Youtube that said you can make molds out of Silicone past at home, so I thought why not. Most of the mold makers I see are based in the USA so it can take a while for them to get to me and I am not the best at waiting.

So I wondered down to Wilkinson and picked up the cheapest silicone (didnt want to spend a fortune on something that would flop) and washing up liquid. Found an old Tupperware in kitchen and made a giant mess that looked something like this:

Photo 22-11-2014 15 41 26

Tasty eh?
Then I mushed it all together, if you want to try this at home I seriously recommend wearing gloves. That stuff stuck to everything! So while is was all mushy I rolled it in to a ball and pressed the items I wanted molded in to it.
Photo 22-11-2014 15 58 00

Simples, right?
I let it dry for 48 hours. It probably was dry after 24 hours but I wanted to be sure before I put resin into it. I popped the items out and Viola! There was the Molds!
Photo 23-12-2014 20 27 35

Arent they lovely? That was retorical and you are just supposed nod and agree there.

I know you are just itching to see how the Resin came out too, so here you go.

Photo 23-12-2014 20 29 15 Photo 23-12-2014 20 29 32

The image on the left, the Zap charm. I have made two of using left over resin so the colours are a fair bit off. One has been painted so the detail shows up alot more. Excuse the air bubble that was me not pouring properly. The one on the right I think came out perfectly. Again it was using left over resin so the there was no colour scheme but I like blue so I think I adore this piece and will be eventually be adding some to the shop! Colour suggestions are welcome! These can be earring or small pedants, looking forward to working more with theses molds I can tell you.

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Getting my creative on


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