The Sewing skills abound! 

Can you guess what it is? Okay probably not from this picture but let me give you a hint.

It’s for a cosplay of the original starter Pokemon. Can you guess now? 

Let’s see how it goes…
Its taken me three days to post this from my phone so expect the next part soon, hopefully from my phone if Ive fixed it properly… 😀

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Geeks and Zombies

Two blogs in one day! Aren’t you a lucky reader? The last two weeks have been wonderfully busy for me. I went to MCM London ComiCon the other week and it was amazing! Emphasis on Amazing! Too be fair, I wasn’t that impressed with the merchandise section but then I think it was because I was hugely distracted my all the fantastic costumes that were floating around. In fact for the second day, we didn’t even bother going in to the expo just hung out outside and took pictures of the cosplayers. I was more than happy to do that all day.
Check out some of the pictures, please excuse my amature photography skills, I was far too distracted to be able to fully focus on the photo set up. I really dont feel like I did justice to half the outfits I saw. Every time I saw one amazing character, I’d blink and there would be another one going the other direction and I couldn’t see half as much as I wanted. Every time I turned around there would be another great cosplayer. There will be better shots next time, that I can guarantee.

The other fun even that happened was a Zombie night (actually a friends birthday), that one amused me for a good week before. Playing around with make up and I even got my hands on some liquid latex to make a couple of fake wounds. Ripped up an out fit and covered it in blood, nothing to fancy just an old pair of jeans and a pale t-shirt. Paled my face a little and added hollowing make up, then stuck a gaping wound on my face and arms, mussed my hair to a giant mess and done….

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 23.32.29

I really liked the look, the bouncer even called me scary. So result for the night. Though I will say I did notice a rather big difference between my make up and the more theatrical styles out in the club, in the dark my lost its impact so the lesson on the night was the darker it is the more you need. Eh. Still love it and had fun so all is good.

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Halloween Zombies

So I’ve been looking around at costumes like I do every year around this sort of time. With thoughts of this is year I really want to do something out there, something that look really good. My biggest issue is finding a character that I really like. Most of the female characters I like wear clothes that leave little to the imagination, like Rogue (not the pansy movie version) who I would love to be able to dress up as but dont really fancy walking around in what is effectively a leotard. Nor would I want to insult the character (or her fan base) by making a messy costume. Then there is Selena (underworld), but I already pretty much own the gear she wears so the only thing I would need it blue contacts. Problem being no one would realize I was in costume…

Year before last I managed to scrape together a Ring Girl (Samara) costume (click to see), very roughly put together but it worked. The only problem that year was no one was out, by the time anyone else went out (ridiculously late, I might add) we had gotten pissed off and went home.
Last year I fancied going as something a little more glamorous so a 1920’s flapper it was.


The dress itself came from ebay and was a fair bit shorter than I expected but it was fun all the same. The feather boa was epically cool. I even had a cigarette holder which was super fun and worked.

This year, has me yet again stumped. Not even sure any one is going out on Halloween which leaves me a little sad faced. There are plans to go out to a zombie night in November but its for a birthday not Halloween, I guess I’ll be able to dress up as something, with a bit of luck I might even be able to get creative with two costumes! In preparation for this zombie night I have been looking at way to do zombie make up and the like. I think I have it down, in theory anyway. I spent the other night playing with make up trying to hollow my face out, I think I managed it though I do feel the effect was too subtle. I did look very ‘freshly dead’, I think with the addition of a bit of latex and blood the zombie effect would look quite effective but at the moment I don’t have either. Thankfully ebay is full of the stuff so a few days and a few clicks I’ll be able to have a bit of a play around with that. Might post pic so keep an eye out. I even read a few of tutorials how to make the over all look more complete, simple things like ripping and bloodying clothes but wash them in tea first to make them look aged. Put conditioner in your hair to make it extra greasy and limp. I switched that one up a bit, I have a massive pot of hair putty that I have never used that seems to create the same effect. I even started looking at coloured contacts lenses which for a vision impaired person is not as easy as it sounds. Nearly every site I have visited has the lenses I want but they are purely cosmetic. Now if I wore them I think I would be able to pull off the glazed Zombie look for most of the night but I wouldn’t be able to see anything all night which could lead to some rather embarrassing moments that I think might be best avoided. The few I managed to find are ridiculously expensive at £40 a pair. Okay they last about three months but realistically even if I wore them on all my days off (I think work would not be happy if I wore them there, scare the little kids) I would only wear them about ten times. Which doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll keep searching and hopefully I’ll be able to find something a little less expensive. Or I’ll just start researching laser surgery. 😀

Contact lenses on perscription links : Lensshopper EuroLens Vision Direct Amazon

Random Zombie Tutorials :
x x x x

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