Nail Art Update.

Photo 23-02-2016, 21 48 01
A ying Yang Design, This one just came out messy. Not sure if you can see it but due to the way I had to keep layering its come out quite bumpy, nor did I clean it off around my pinkie nail.
I did also have issues with the black, its quite old now so doesn’t always want to play nice. But not to worry, I have since purchased a new black and will soon be using it.
Photo 26-11-2015, 08 40 26

Does this remind you of a certain vault?
Yep, its my fallout inspired nails. Yes I know the colours aren’t exactly spot on but its a little tricky to match something out of my current collection and this was the closest. Its inspired by the classic vault suits, I was going have one of the nails have the vault number on it instead then remembered I can only draw with my right hand, so wouldn’t have been able to replicate the design on the other hand. Ah, nails problems.
Photo 20-02-2016, 12 25 47
Excuse the chipping on this one, I literately put in on went to work and they chipped within a couple of hours. This is why nail lacquer is important kids.
As you can probably guess this is a Deadpool nail in honor of when the film was released. All I used to create his face was a dotting tool and more impressively I managed to get the designs on both hand to look pretty close.

Thats all folks! For the time being anyway…

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Nails, Nails and Nails

My Latest favourite thing to do is doodle on my nails. Our local Pound shop (The UKs answer to the dollar store) had some dotting tools and nail brushes going for, suprisingly, a pound. At the price I thought what the hell, go for it. Worst case I end up using them for something resin related. Here what I’ve done so far.

White dots Neon Dotted Nails

My First attempts at using the dotting tools. Something simple and something colourfull. I don’t remember all the colours I used but I know the black was BarryM’s Matt Black and the BarryM Silk white.

Blue to black spots Nails Silver to black spots Nails

Next attempt at something a little more complex, I like this one so much I did it twice! Again I used BarryM Matt Black, rimmels pro peppermint, as seen and the Silver was BarryM metallic effect.

Blue Gradient Nails

No dotting tool or brushes used for this one, gave the sponge gradient effect a try and topped it off with a glitter. No idea what ones I used here. Chances are it was from the BarryM brand.

Zombie nails Zombie Blood Nails Zombie Nails

Possiblely my favourite so far. A gradient of greens with blood (red polish) dripping down. 😀 And I even manage to photograph what I used!

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