Starting A look book…

Not the most exciting read at the minute, but sometimes I pick an outfit that I just want to share or I do my make up that makes me feel like I should shout about it. So I am going to, in a very small and discrete little way. This little feed will not be part of the main feed on the blog but it will pop up in the recently updated on the right so keep an eye out. Ill try and remember where I picked up a few of the bits that are showcased but I do have a good sized wardrobe, most of which is picked up from a vast range of shops.


Two outfits that I adore, the one on the left was only taken because I love that Cyberdog hat. Something I bought ages ago and never developed the knack of wearing but every now and then it looks good. Not sure where the rest of the out fit came from but those jeans are the comfiest things in the world with leg pockets that can fit anything in to them.
The out fit on the right is a tad dresser, fitted black jeans and a waist coat, for me its the shirt that make it. Again the shirt was something I’ve been eying up for a while and I cant say I’m not please with it. Long enough that you can wear it with near anything and light enough that even on a vastly hot day its breathable. If memory serves its from H&M.

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