I know, I know I havent really updated in a while, I havent really done much to warrant an update to be honest. Worked on a few bits here and there but nothing seemed to be working out right. But now I have finished a lovely piece from some fab deviantart stock!

Blue-genie by ~maladjusted-freak on deviantART

Click the link to check out the bigger image.

Three hours work, and I cheated a little by using a premade background but it allowed me to practice matching the colours of the image to the background so its all good. Lots of smokey effects used again which I seem to keep going back to.

I was working on a fire one, but that ones was just going the way I saw it my head so I will have to come back to that one. Once it’s done Ill show it off so keep your fingers crossed.



Loving the mystic look and the vibrant colours 😉 coooool

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