Smokey Effect

Created a smokey effect on the text. Turned out better than I hoped specially since I was actually aiming at creating something completely different. Ah well I like to stumble on things…
Kinda has a resident Evil feel, but that might just be because I cant stop playing that game at the moment. Probably because they have already started advertising the next instalment of Resident Evil which isnt out for another 10 months. Just want to say that there is a movie coming out before the next game and that hasnt been advertised at all, no. Lets just get peoples hopes up 10 months in advance so that when it actually comes out it feels over played. Yeah it is a sore spot with me….


Amal Coad

Me liking the evil look of this … its eerie
but love the hot gold of the letters too. Do one for me please. 😉

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