Simple Rainbow Backdrop

1. Create a new image sized 1280 by 800 pixels, fill the back ground with black #000000

2. Select the Chalk 60 brush, increase the size to about 400 pixels.

3. Create a new layer and just dot the brush 9 to 10 times on your image.

4. Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Change the Angle to 90 and the Distance to 999.

5. Double click the layer to bring up the Layer style. and go to Gradient overlay.

Should look like this :

6. Select the first strong coloured rainbow in the gradient box, change the angle to 0, scale the gradient over the whole image I used 50%, and keep the blend mode at normal.

Should look like this :

7. Create another new layer. Select your gradient tool with your pallet set to white and black then select the reflected gradient. Fill the image with the white in the middle. Change the layers’ blend mode to Multiple.

8. Your image is nearly done, you just now need to adjust the image brightness and contrast. Merge all the layers together.

9. Go to Image > Adjustments > Exposure.

Set the Exposure to +2.53, Offset to -0.0265, and the gamma correction to 0.93. Feel free to have a play with the settings to get an effect you like.

you now should have something like this :

10. And thats it. Now you have a very simple rainbow background to have a play with.

Have a try…

Instead of having just a simple reflect gradient with the straing lines, try mixing it up with a few brushes or mabye even the wave effect!

Or even try adding a Pattern Overlay in the layer blend options?

Give it a try. And if you want show me what you have done?

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