Re make month

Well I havent blogged in a while, not that Im a constant blogger but what the point in having a blog if I dont blog…

So I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Metro, gotta love commuters habits of leaving them everywhere. Anyhow I saw a add for the movie Judge Dread, the Sweeney (dad’s looking forward to that one) and total recall (to be honest I saw the total recall one a while back). What is going on? I thought that fashion was the only industry to blatantly re use old material? I not complaining I love seeing different takes on old concepts but three in a month are we seriously that scared to try new things as a generation? Maybe I am just getting old and its actually aimed at younger kids, but come on if I’m 26 can I be the only one that remembers these? If that the case how old are the people that decide what movies are made? 12?

At least the Sweeney is actually old than me, I can forgive that one but Judge Dread is only 7 years old. I know the movie industry has hugely advanced so it will amazing and with the 3d effect is will probably be even better but come on guys (and girls)! Lets have something a little different. Saying that Total recall is actually 20 years old so that one I can probably forgive as well. Maybe its just me seeing something I recognise that makes me more aware of it than I film that isn’t remade….

Probably the worst thing here is that I will go and see all three of them…. What can I say I am a conformist who likes popcorn, specially if its sweet popcorn.

Here’s hoping they remake Dune at some point because that could be epic… ooh or flash Gorden, the Hawk men would look pretty cool. Logons run would be another good one, but that one is still and great film even if its a little dated, so maybe not.

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