Parcel opening!

So I recently ordered a lovely little pendant from Charlotter Rose shop. I meant to record a little video opening it because I was so excited but I opened without recording cause waiting is not one of my strong points.
Warning there are quite a few photos!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 03

What was in the package…

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 30 (1)

Under the bubble wrap..

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 10

Pretty envelope, this contained the invoice.

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 43

The package. Prettiness! Whats inside?

Photo 09-09-2014 12 14 23

oooh shinny! Look at the glitter!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 16 24

Its a Batman Pendant! Think I love it…. Yes I do love it. na na na na na na BATMAN! Brilliant.

Stunning little piece, great length of chain that finished with a heart clasp. The charm itself is the perfect size, and the colour combo is typical Batman but a great combo with the heart and Batman symbol. Thank you so for it!

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