Topic 21 : Something you’re proud of.


Im proud of lots of things. Some more than other to be honest but Im not sure what I want write about. Because it solidifies that proudness of that deed. If that makes sense.

I know I made a graphic a while back that I was particualry pleased with. Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 22.19.02

Its a sonic print. Took me about four days to try and get it right. I had a really clear image in my head of what I wanted and it came out pretty close. Which is something I’ve been struggling with in my graphic world for a while. My muse seems to be taking a break.

I wanted to do a sort of pixelated nebula siluette. The ring was a something that hit me after I’d finished the sonic part and felt like it need something more. I remeber playing with the details inside the blue quite a bit to try and spread them evenly. Also if you see the little bits of ‘shine’ in side sonic they were mostly ‘hand drawn’ to try an add bit of depth.

The reason I think i’m proud of this is because its one of the first pieces I finihsed in a while that I am actually happy with. I mean really happy with.

Kiss Ass Kisses : MUA Velvet



Today I am going to be talking about what probably an golden Oldie now. All the UK Youtubers and bloggers know it and love and I am no different. Today I’m looking at a superdrug special, MUA Velvet lip lacquers.
The Supderdrug website describes it thus:

Get the ultimate velvet-matte pout with this richly pigmentated, silky smooth lip lacquer. The quick-dry formula glides on effortlessly to leave a gorgeous matte finish that is smudge proof and long-lasting.
This is one that again I stumbled acress by accident a while back and picked it up to try because it was cheap and claimed that it matte. At the time I thought, why not. Best decision Ive made with an unknown make up brand. Honest this stuff is the BOMB.


The packaging is fairly plain, gold cap for most of the range. Some of the more unusual colours like white have a cap colour to match, Which annoys me just a little because is looks like the core range but doesn’t match the core range. I like uniformity, it pretty so that bothers me just a little. Not a big deal and can be over looked. The bottles/tubes come slightly frosted, which is nice but the tubes tend to show marks and scratches really easily. Again, not a big deal, they aren’t alarmingly obvious, as you can see in the images and some of those Ive had for months. They still look in fair decent shape, you only really see the marks if you look really close.

luxelips2.jpgThe doe foot is comes with is nothing special, its a fairly standard designed one. It lets you product on your lips so it does the job. What more can I say about it?

Now the fun part, the colours. Ive got too many to show you all of the colours on my lips so I’ve posted a swatch of all the shades I have then I’ll show a few photos wearing a couple colours just so you can get idea what we are looking at.

One fun thing I didnt notice while in stores and only found when taking photos the shades actually have names. They dont show you that in store so I just assumed to keep costs down they weren’t named. Live and learn, eh?

The swatches are fully dry. The names of the colours are listed below from left to right :

Flair; A very dark burgundy red. This one is a tad streaky like most dark lipsticks but you can build the formula a little bit to make it smooth.
Kooky; A dark mauve purple. Again this one is just a tiny bit streaky not as noticeable as flair.
Reckless; This was my first one, a vibrant red.
Moxie; A reddish pink. Possible my favorite shade so far.
Vivacity; A brighter pink, almost barbie
Passion; A peachy nude colour.
Unity; A pastel purple.
Base coat;So the white is actually a base coat, hence the name being base coat. As you can see this is a well researched article, even if its research on the go….

Can I also say, photographing your arm not the easiest thing in the world! The angle is a bit off, but it’ll get better.


The 1st is Unity, 2nd is Moxie, 3rd is Flair and the 4th is Passion.

Now lets talk about the actually lipstick, the smell isn’t fantastic its not over powering when you first open it, but it does have a chemical smell that does dissipates after application.
The liquid is a nice creamy texture, its applies nice and smooth. It does dry down fairly quick. Not the quickest but it’ll be completely dry with three to four minutes of application. I will say you have to be a little careful not to apply it too thickly because it will take longer to dry and flake off quicker.
The major down side to this lipstick is that it feel very drying. Pretty much every time I wear it I have to slather the lip balm on to try and re hydrate my lips. Though this could be because my lips dry out very quickly, so it might be different on you.
Once it is dry, it doesn’t feel tacky but you can feel it. It feels like a very thin layer of paint, I suppose, on your lips. First time I wore it, it wasn’t uncomfortable but I was aware it was there. Its not an unpleasant sensation and it’s one that you can get used to very quickly.
On the plus side, this lasting power is insane! Once these have dried down they do not move. Now I smoke and always have a cup off coffee to hand, so my lips are always fighting to hold on to their lipsticks. These definitely stick. I can wear them for at least 4 hours without touching up. The downside is that when they do finally give up the battle, they can flake not just wear off but flake off.
Like most it starts on the inner part of the lips and works its way from there. You can can add a layer over it to help it stay but once the flaking starts, you are better off removing it completely and apply it fresh.

I left one of the samples on for about two hours, then started rubbing at it to make it start flaking so you could see what I mean. Excuse the lighting in this one, it was getting dark out so had to resort to a lamp.

The price point on this is fantastic! £3 per tube and you get 6ml in a tube. Can you really go wrong? There maybe a few downsides to the product but they are of minimal consiqence. These lipsticks can certainly hold thier own against any other brands and the price is just so affordable, it’s iceing on the cake.

The Final word, will I purchase this again? Well I think the little collection I’ve displayed here testifies that yes, yes I will be purchasing more. In fact there are three more colours Ive had my eyes on but I haven’t been able to find them in stores yet. Once I have them I’ll post some swatches for you!
What about yourselves? Was this article helpful in anyway? Did I miss something you want to know about them? Or do completely disagree with me? Let me know!


About the article; all photos were taken by me in direct sunlight with minimal editing, usually just cropping. The words and opinions made here are purely my own and from my own experiences.No products were sent to me and were paid for by myself.

Topic 20 : Nicknames you’ve accumulated over the years.


I’ve not given up this mini blogging challenge. Onward to the next topic!

I’ve not really acquried many nicknames, people have been known to shorten my name and call me ‘Han’ or something similar but I Like my name so there we go it doesn’t happen much.

I have managed to get a couple of names online that, like most people, I came up with myself.

The first one I think I ever used ‘Avoiceofed’, which I know looks like a jumble of letters but actually means ‘A Voice Of Ed’. It was ‘inspired’ by the character Ed from Cowboy Bebop, featured below. ed

She was always in her own little world and Im pretty sure she heard voices. So the name was born.

For the longest time now though, I’ve been using Maladjusted, or Maladjusted86. Its a shortened form of Maladjusted-freak but that tends to be too long for most applications so I shortened it. originally Maldajusted-freak was a song lyric from a Pitchshifter song that I think I used in passing but it kinda stuck and morphed to Maladjusted, now everything I do or make is sign Maladjusted something. I love it.

Oh, one nick name that a friend used to call me Fizgig. It’s the growly, bitey fluffyball from Dark Crystal. I used to mock growl and nip so she called me Fizgig after. It didn’t really stick but every now and then she’d call me it.


And that’s my nicknames. I think. Pretty sure that’s it. Stay tuned for next week when tell more amazingly interesting stories about Maladjusted aka Hanna. Arent you excited?

A Jigglypuff Sample look


Lately I’ve been sampling the Cosplay world a little more. And it something I want to get more involved it. Unfortuneatly it is a very online base comunity because there are so many people from everywhere who are into it. And we all know how I am at maintaining an constant online presence. Its getting better though, well my ablity to respond to social medida is getting better if know you in real life… Baby steps okay? Im getting there….

Anyway, If you been here before you’ll know I did a bulbasaur cosplay last year. It was really basic but I was dammed proud of it. Unfortunately I didnt get any decent photos of it. Also something I will be working on when I get a bit more time. I’m much more a behind the camer type of gal, so geting photos of me is tricky.

This year I want to try and put together a Jigglypuff cosplay with a bit of a rockablity twist. If Im going to Pink, I need a bit of edge. So I’ve been playing with some make up looks and colours and thought why not share it.

So this where I’m thinking of going make up-wise. At the minute, as you can see, it so not finalised. i think its too pink and too loud over all.

The eyeshadow at the moment being too much. I think I need to switch that to a matte white. Most rocker looks Ive been checking out dont have much on the eyes besides eyeliner. So I think that needs to be simpler. Also think avoiding the smokey style is the way to go.

Moving on to the eyeliner, not sure if you can see it very well in the photo but its a standard cat eye with a second line going into the crease of the lid. Again this seems a little too subtle. So that needs to be lift to make it a bit more obvious. Its a new technique for me so a bit of practice and I think I can get it down.

The blush, I think is on point. I am not usually a blush person, in fact I wear it so rarely I had to purchase this one specifically for this look. Its a bit heavy but I was trying to make it look very pink and cutesy. Not a look I go for often.

Lastly the lips. The lips are also awesome. Most of the rockablity looks have very vivid lips so I think this works.

I’ve also been playing with the idea of pinking up my eyebrows. Though I cant that looking right at the minute. Give me time.

And before anything is said the wig isnt styled. That is my next part of the project, putting a victory roll or two in the hair. Hopefully I’ll have that done by my next post, at least I’ll have an updated Look by then. I might even be happy enough with the dress to show it off.

Kick Ass Kisses : Freedom Pro Melts


What this another Lipstick review/discussion? Yes. Yes it is. Today I wanted to talk about Freedom Pro melts. Dont they look posh? Only £3. Bargin or what? Again this was a bit of an impluse buy while shopping around superdrug. Superdrug, has a good knack of putting things in the right place for impluse purchases, Well done super drug. As you can guess it was the price point that pulled me into this one. For three pounds you can’t really go wrong.

So first thing with these, I adore the outer packaging. Simple and professional looking. Im not a fan of the actually lipstick container. I think the white cap, though stands apart from other brands, looks a tad too plain.

The price point on these are its biggest draw, £3 for a tube of 7.5ml which calculates to £2 per 10ml. Which is darn cheap. Can it really go wrong for that price?

As you can see I picked two colours out. The blue is called ‘Just do it’ and the Purple is ‘Wanted’.


The Applicators are standard angled doe foots, so application is easy, though I struggled to get it near the edge of lips without it noticably bleeding. Results would probably be better with a lip liner. There is no smell from either so that is a bonus.

Wanted (the purple one) goes on quite well. It gives fairly decent coverage if you apply it generaouly. Not excessively but more dont be stingy with the product. It is definitly more of gloss than a lipstick so there is a nice shine to it. The forumla still seemed a little streaky on it own, so I would recomend using something under it to give a better colour finish. I felt the product moved around a little more than I like once it has been applied and I’d often get little bits on my teeth and around my piercing. So it does need to be touched up through out the day.


‘Just do it’ (the blue one), was just wrong. The colour payout was dissapointing to say the least. A thin layer over another lipstick is the way to go with this one. It comes out really sheer. Even trying to build it up it is just streaky and patchy. This cannot be worn on its own at all. Which made me really sad because I this as a solid colour would have been awesome. Like the purple this moves on the lips after application a little too much for my comfort and with harsh colours like this you do have to be carefull because smudges look so much more noticable.


The lovegevity of both lipsticks is neglible for me. As Ive said before, I smoke and drink (coffee) all day so transfer is the bane of my lipsticks and this just melts away before I’ve even finished a cup. If you looking for something for a photoshoot or something quick then these are great otherwise there are better options out there, even in the more outragous colours.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. Im not a massive fan of lip glosses to start with, for me these appealed to be because of the bright colours and I enjoy trying new lipsticks. Do you agree with me, or do think these are the bees knees?

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