New Year…

Happy New year, I know that was last week, but its the thought that counts!

So had an epic Christmas, got some lovely photos of the project I was talking about last blog which will go up at some point when I decide to upload some photos. Which to be fair will probably be quite soon as I have yet another little project I’m working on that is driving me some what up the wall at the minute. More ranting on that in a moment.

Firstly I want to say I am typing on this out on the coolest and prettiest present the history of time. Yes, its a lovely Mac Book Pro. She is the BOMB! Excellent now that is out there and I cant stop smiling every time I look at it (its so fast and smooth) we can get on with an informative rant. Well maybe not so informative but I’ll let you decide.

So my new project, I say new but its been something I have been playing with for a while. I have been making jewelry, I’ve only finished a few pieces but I really like the idea of selling them Esty (or something similar), simply because a lot of the ideas I want to make I wouldn’t really wear. Not because they look horrendous or trashy but because I tend to stick to a few pieces and that’s it. Every now and then I might mix it up but ultimately I always go back to the same things. I used think I dressed like a cartoon character in the same outfit every episode. I like the idea of someone genuinely picking up something of mine and enjoying it in a way that I couldn’t. So Esty, the market place for the homemade appeals to me.
I’ve already written most of the shop policies and the such, my next hurdle is the product descriptions and most importantly (or so I’ve read) is the product photography. I’ve taken a few photos that to be honest are terrible. The lighting is all orange/yellow and the background is cluttered. Basically, I have to work on it.
So where does one start when trying to take a decent product photo. Google. Google is my firend. Most of the advice boils down to keep it in focus, keep the colours true to product, show the product off from different angles and most importantly use good lighting. Now what defines good light? Not surprisingly, day light. What does England lack after 3pm? Oh that’s right day light. So can I work around that? Wait till my day off and just take the photos then. Easy right? Not so much. By the time I get enough free time to actually sit down and take the photos its already dark. Gotta love the winter season. So Google says that I can build whats called a light box using some simple things around the house.
Yeah still not that simple. Oddly enough I own one Lamp. The most important factor in the light box and lamp. So what the hell, lets just go and buy one. But what type of lamp to get, the sites all say a Daylight bulb is the best way to go so lets go with that, so far the only ones I’ve spotted are 60w an above and the lamps in my price range are 40w and below…. I can see this not working… We can but try so tomorrows task to buy a lamp and a nice bulb. Once the I’ve got this all figured out I will post something half decent. 😀

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