New Video and a bit of a babble….

So the good stuff first, I made a little video. You can even hear my voice aren’t you lucky?

I know my menu there kinda cuts the video up, but go and look at it on youtube if you want, while you’re there you can subscribe!

Ive been thinking what am I supposed to put on the facebook page? I mean I share all the info posted on other social media sites which to be fair is pretty much instagram and Etsy… I might just keep posting what ever some to mind. I know I’m planning a giveaway on facebook soon so that’ll be something new to post about but what else?

OOh, this is really sad too, but I am spending a little bit of time re organizing my inventory today, not the physical inventory but the record of it. At the moment everything is in just one big list and that list seems to be growing bigger and bigger. Mainly because I keep (or try to) the links where I got the items. So if I ever want to re order I have a idea where I got something. Which is great in practice but means that when I come to check it I can barely find anything… So Going to start a new document in Numbers (macs version of excel) and break the items down to categories, like findings, beads, consumables and so on that way in theory I can just click to find something. Plus I like doing things like this….

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