Movie Challenge 1 : The Lion King

The Lion King [DVD]

So my first Film in my challenge is The Lion King, first released in 1994 which means the film is 18 years old! I would not have guessed that from watching it. Also, did anyone know that zazu was voiced by mr bean?
Anyway, I really had forgotten how much I enjoyed that film when I was little. Its such a captivating animation that really does surppase time. Really bringing you in to enjoy the lows of Simba loosing Mufasa and running away to the highs of finding Simone and Timba and learning about Hakuna matata! One of the few films where the bad guy is really a bad guy that you just love to hate although I still find it hard to dislike Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi but nearly.

All in all 5 start film!

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