Light box Completed

So I built my light box, the only problem was that I really didnt have enough light so I will post proper photos of the completed set up once I have acquired an other light source. Just as a teaser though I will show the photos I managed to get from the light box, unedited of course.


To be fair for a first attempt they aren’t too bad. I recognise that I do need to work on the lighting source, the top two were taken with the flash on but the bottom one wasn’t. I still think the shadows are a little strong on a few of the shots but that can be countered with some extra light placement. I tried added an extra lamp but it turned the image very yellow, even with the white balaence setting on the camera itself.

Oh and if you like these little pieces then pop back again sometime next week when they go on sale, just waiting for some of the packaging to arrive before I list them.



I am in love with those bottom earrings!

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