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So if you know me in the slightest, then you will know I have a small addiction to my phone and Instagram. Now Im not one of those that post pics of everything but I love to have a good ol’ browse. Especially of the #Resin. There are so many pretty things to look at!
Anyway, I wanted an App that could track followers and give me some general details about who likes what and so on. So I did whatever any savy chappie might do, I downloaded four… Here’s a quick summary of how I got on with them and the free features they come with.

Quick point, I have only played with the free features of each app.

followers First up, Followers+
Features :
– How many Followers you have
– How many you are following
– How many followers Gained
– How many followers Lost
– How many people you are not following back
– How many people are not following you back

These stats are all available on the front page of the app, so easy to get to. It will also show you the total stats since you installed the app and the stats for since it last updated, which is useful to see if its a type of post that is turning people off your feed. It also has a scrolling menu in the middle that shows your average likes per photo, total likes, photos per week, followers, and Ghost followers. Personally, I don’t like this. Yes you can hold it still to read it but its seems unnecessary for the amount of stats its actually showing. The fact its moving also means that I am less inclined to use it.
The app will allow you to see who is following you, who you are following, and who you have gained and lost with names, you can also choose to follow or unfollow through app.
The App used that last photo you posted as a background as well, which is quite cool looking but if you tend to like dark photos then then app looks a tad dark too.
There are a couple of extras you can buy to enhance the app but for now we are just looking at the freebies.
Its a good basic package, you can simply keep track of followers and that’s it really, the free version doesn’t really go much further than that.

Instafollower mzl.ulxblqqy
Features :
– New Followers
– Who has Unfollowed
– Not Following Back
– You arent Following back
– Users who have blocked you
– How Many followers you have
– How many you are following
– How many posts you have.

I love the look of this app, its very clean and easy to read. The Stats are all listed down the screen, not much else to say there. This app will also allow you to add multiple Instagram accounts and track them separately. Again this app will allow you see the users that have interacted with you (or not if they unfollow) and you can choose to follow or unfollow them through the app. With this app though it does allow you actually see the users profile as you un/follow them. This is a great little feature makes it a little more personal when interacting with your peers.
The reason I downloaded this app was for its blocked feature, no has blocked me yet so haven’t had to use it but handy to have.

yourfriendsInsta Friends
This all is a little different from the other two so far, this one is more about the followers and their interaction with you.
Features :
– My Best Followers (Most likes/comments)
– My worst Followers (Least Like/Comments)
– How many followers you have
– How many you are Following

The layout is lovely and clean, but this one seems a little plain. The features are also quite limited, even if you buy the expansion that only unlocks the ghost followers options. If you are after something simple then this might be the one for you. I really didn’t like it, too simple for me.

Features :
– Amount of Followers
– Amount you are Following
– Blockers
– Gained Followers
– Lost Followers
– Non – Followers
– Fans

This is probably the most comprehensive app I have downloaded but you do have to pay for everything, though you can get the best friends pack for free if you review it. Which is great for seeing which of your followers is the most interactivity with you although it just lists the followers not what their interactions are. Again although most of the engagement packs are blocked off you can still see some of the stats just not who falls into each category. The app also splits the gained or lost follower between today and yesterday so handy to see if its a certain post that putting people off.
So far this is my favorite one, well potentially my favorite one, I like the layout its easy to read easy to navigate and all the basic information is on the main screen.

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