High School Musical 3

A little secret about me, I love Musicals. The idea that you could just start singing and dancing about your day and no one think it a little odd, hell they would actually join in!

That gave HSM a little heads up for me, then the acting started, not that is was all terrible, I just think I am a little older than their targeted market. Im not exactly a 12 year old so I’m looking for something a little more developed in the story besides ‘you missed our date so you have changed and we need to break up’. Which leads me wonderfully on to my next point, what sort fo friends would actually stop you from getting a scholorship because you missed hanging out with them a few times? And what sort of girlfriend would do that? Let him get his furture sorted and then get on with your life together. Wait shouldnt you be sorting out your future too? The only lesson I took away from that film is to never change, never put my life before my friends and no one in my school looked like Zac Effron.

All in all not a film I would watch again.

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And in way more exiting news, The Amazing Spiderman is out on the 3rd of July!

Spiderman, spiderman, he does what a spider can….



thanks for the review 😉

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