Getting Rid Of Monday Morning Blues


After a fun weekend of debachery and mischief the prospect of getting up early on a dreaded Monday is a horror to us all, well ‘cept those that work shifts then monday gets replaced with another name but the feeling still remains the same. Its something that we cant seem to escape the dreaded I wish is was the weekend again type of feeling, that we are just waiting for the time off again. Not really enjoying or thinking about the rest of the week. We’ve all been there, we all have our own ways of dealing with it, most of us just put our heads down a drag our feet through but what if we didnt have to? What if we could start the week with a bit of insparation and maybe help the week move that bit quicker so we can party our hearts out and sleep in late (unless of course you are one of those unnatural early riser, wierdo), well maybe a couple of little tricks and tips here can help us achieve that.

1. Spend an extra few minutes on your hair or makeup, make your self look a little special with that new eyliner you bought, or what about that new tie? People really under estimate the feeling a tiny bit of pampering can make. You feel just a bit better about yourself and if you are happy then guess what time files!

2. Tell yourself repeatedly to get up at a certain time as you fall asleep. Now I know this one sounds daft but trust me it works. I have been doing it for years and it nearly always works (after all nothing is fool proof). Your body and mind will respond and feel more like you were supposed to wake up at that time, so you will wake up quicker and shouldn’t feel as drowsy. Give yourself a bit more time to psyche up for the day or have that extra coffee.

3. Make yourself smile. This one sounds easy doesnt it and it is. Reading the paper? Turn to the funnies before you read anything else. Got a smart phone (No? What, do you live under a rock?) Download a funny app, personally I would recommend

4. Play some upbeat music. I have a huge preference for musical soundtracks in the morning specifically the burlesque soundtrack. I cannot listen to that album without singing, and yes, dancing down the high street to it. It always puts me in the best of moods and I always get to work feeling chipper and perky after that’s been playing. So just spend 1/2 hour listening to your favorite songs (such a chore I know) and complying a ‘wake up’ playlist and play in on your commute to work.

5. Tidy workplace is fabulous to work in. This one is for you to do on a Friday or before your weekend starts. Just tidy the place up. How disheartened do you feel when the first thing you have to do is clean up before you can get any real work done. If you work with a team encourage them to do the same. I know it just crushes my soul when I walk in after a few days off and have to spend an hour cleaning up rubbish and paper work before I can start anything.

And that’s my tips for a Monday Mornings. Its all fairly simple stuff but its a few good things to remember. If you have any handy hints to add feel free to leave a comment on the blog and I might add it in (with credit of course).

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