Film Review : Cinerella (2015)

cinderellaSo I finally watched Cinderella, the classic disney film re imagined to a live action. What can I say about it, it was not great. The costumes were fantastic, probably the only redeeming factor in the film.

The story follows the standard tale of Cinderella losing her parents and having to live with her Evil stepmother and two cruel sisters. None of whom really living up to their names or even being comparable to some of the previous incarnations. The sisters come across as spoilt and annoying but not cruel and the step mother, seemed to have bouts of meanness but it didn’t feel consistent throughout. Cinderella then meets the prince without realizing he is the prince and it’s love at first sight, because you know that is a real thing. Relationships certainly don’t need time to develop and grow, all it takes is a two minute conversation. Of course they get interrupted giving the prince a reason to invite everyone in the kingdom to a grand ball. Okay this was probably the best part of the film, with of course the fairy godmother transforming vegetables and wildlife in to an entourage for Cinderella to go to the ball. The effects were brilliant very magical and fitting with the feel of Cinderella. If I’m totally honest it was around this part, bearing in mind the film is nearly 3/4 way finished, I got completely bored.

One thing this film tried to desperately to do was teach a message, ‘Be Kind and be courageous’. A message that is constantly said but not really acted upon. There is one scene with the fairy godmother where Ella shows a small act of kindness by giving her godmother some bread and milk and that is the only act I can think of that shows Kindness. It was brushed over so quick I doubt it made any impact on any viewer. Her act of courage, according to the voice over, is to meet the prince as herself near the end, without the dress, with the entourage or carriage, just her in her cinders self. We will just forget that she has already met the prince as herself in the beginning of the movie which is why he was interested in her in the first place.

The story line is one we are all familiar with, maybe overly familiar with. There was no imagination put into the writing of this enactment, though it was well executed the whole film felt flat. The actors were good, the CGI was good, the costumes were brilliant but a film needs more. Look at Maleficent a twist on the classic Sleeping beauty tale that worked wonderfully. This had no twist, nothing to grab the viewer, to hold them to the screens. Ever after and Elle enchanted were both films based on the same tale but entertain the viewer by twisting up the story. Its such a shame about this one, I really wanted to like it but it leaves you feeling cheated.

Anyway I leave with a quick image featuring most of the main cast in all their costumed glory!
Hope you enjoyed this read, and let me know what you thought of the movie too.


Amal Coad

I have to agree totally… you took the words right out of my mouth.

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