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Looking for a something new to amuse you on your phone (there will be iphone bias here)? Or just want have a nosy at what amuses me on my commute to work? Then look no further and have a little glance at a few recommendation here.

icon_75 Notalwaysright.com
This app is possibly one of the most amusing I own. Its basically stories for retail workers about the lack smarts some customer have. You can read Recent stories, popular ones or just flick through random stories. You can even save your favorites.
I think I’ve spent at least 20 minutes a day on this app, it always makes me chuckle. And its updated very often so there is usually something new to read on there which is great for impatient people like me. Oh and you can add your stories to the site too something that I have gotten round to doing yet. If you have ever worked in any sort of customer service based job you will be cracking up with app.

icon_74POF (Plenty of Fish)
Yes its a Dating app but who knows you might find it useful. I downloaded a fair few of them because I cant really be bother to sit at my computer all the time to look through the sites in full. I found this app fairly easy to use and had pretty much the same abilities of the main site. Actually I found the app easier to use than the main site because it doesn’t show all the adds for who is online, before you get to the actual content of profiles or messages. It comes across a lot cleaner. Definately one of the cleaner apps I’ve used for meeting new people. Plus there are plenty of members, not all of whom are weird in a bad way. To be fair they seem a pretty friendly bunch.

icon_73 Flight Control
This game is surprisingly addictive. I’ve only played the free version, but you can pay for more levels, if you want. It has a simple premise, land the planes (and helicopters) on the correct runway as time goes on more and more planes appear on the field and you mustn’t let them crash. Its so simple but the speed creeps up so subtly that you don’t realize how long you have been playing it till you die, then you just have to start again and see how far you can go. My high score is 96 landed so for. Can you beat it?

icon_72 Around Me
This is another fun one but actually useful. This app will let you see what business, restaurants ect around you Sounds quite common right? There are probably several app that can do that, well there is a little twist to one of the features, you can switch to camera view and look around with that and it will label the businesses in your camera view, so you get a real time view of whats around. Have to say, I’ve found this great when I’m somewhere for the first time.

TinyMonsters_0 Tiny Monsters
Another little click/tap game. This one is brilliant, the creatures are so adorable and varied. The ‘missions’ are always updated. There is a social aspect to the game but unlike other games it doesn’t rely on you referring countless people to continue the game. This is one of those games that you can pick up and drop when ever the mood strikes and the game hasn’t progressed on without you. Again the main game is free but you can pay for top ups, but if you don’t nothing in the game is blocked offy, it’ll just take you a little longer to get there.
NOTE : This is no longer updated so has become a bit glitchy.

falloutFallout Shelter
Another game App, this is one of those very simple Sim like simulator games. I originally downloaded because it was fallout and I got caught in the Fallout 4 hype but its a great game. You basically have to build your own vault and maintain the dwellers lives, provide power, food and water and you can send them out to explore the wasteland. You don’t have to worry about logging on constantly to keep your dwellers alive, when you aren’t on its almost paused. There are little challenges to meet and the game has a small element of chance so it doesn’t get predictable.

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