Day Two : Something you love

Okay so the bloggind challenge has been going well… Yeah I’ve had a busy month. Lots happening and changing, all for the good though.

Day Two Blogging Challenge : Something I love
Well I love a lot of things (or I treat them with indifference), but I do have a special place in my heart (and room) for Make up. Specifically Eye shadows and Nail Varnishes. For the Varnishes go have a look at my instagram because today I feel like chatting about the eyes stuff.


This is my little collection thus far, well its some of my collection there are a few bits an pieces scattered else where. It mainly consists of Barry M branded dusts. I find them much easy to get a smooth blend over the eye. The pressed powders get a bit messier because I prefer a brush to apply instead of the little pads so when I use the brush the pressed get blown everywhere.
At this point I would love to show off some mad skills with a stunning photo of my eyes make up but I havent got anything recent…. Its all so sad. Instead you will just have to take my word for it that I have a moderate skill. 😀

I started getting in to make up in general about 7 years ago, I never really used anything except eye shadows and that was mainly because I somehow stumbled on to a livejournal that was full of people posting stunning photos of their eye shadows. I tried so hard to emulate what I was looking at but never quite got it. I was just starting out so of course I couldnt do these fantastic designs but I tried. I even tried doing it on friends, more often than not it turned into a giant blur of colours more clown like than style icon. Eventually I picked up the basic skill of blending and proper application. It took time and patience and now I look back on some of my old photos and think ‘just no’. Again I’m not a Michelangelo at painting eyes but I can hold my own against most people nowadays. Next time I do something vaguely impressive I will have to post it somewhere.

Before I end this little topic, here’s a tip for longer lasting make up on your eyes at least. Before you apply the dust/powder rub some concealer over the eyes and into the skin so that its just a little damp. The dusts will cling to the concealer and not wear off as quickly.
Or there are now eye mouses, that on their own are not as vivid as they could be. But use them as a base and apply the dust over the mouse and again itll make the dust last far longer. I’ve used both these in the past and had my eye make up last all night with no touching up.

Any who on an other note, I’ve thrown together a few a couple posters. One for a work meeting / BBQ and the other for a little show Mum putting on for her work.

Screen shot 2013-08-11 at 20.54.44

Both were put together fairly quickly but I am very pleased with them. The images are all google search images from the respective official sites. I had major fun playing with the font on the green one.


Amal Coad

You did a brilliant job on the posters 😉

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