Day Four : A favourite hobby of yours.

Day Four : A favourite hobby of yours
Thinking about it I dont think I have alot of ‘hobbies’, there are lots of things that I really like doing but I’m not sure if I would class them as a hobby. Not sure why I don’t but I don’t. I guess my favourite hobby would be graphic design, and I use the term ‘graphic design’ loosely. Anything that involves a computer and creating something is usually fairly fun for me. As you can see from this is little web area I have like to dabble in a a few things. Making walls and icons is probably my favourite and that simply because I see so many that just look so impressive and I want to emulate the look.
I started about 10 years ago, playing with graphics and bit of code. Started out on Geocities like most kids back in the day. After about two years I eventually got the Domain and I havent ever really left it. Even when I lost interest in the whole web world I still couldn’t quite give up the domain. I kept coming back to the idea of showing off my little works in my own quiet way. Most of what I’ve learned has come from playing and experimenting in photoshop/paintshop and reading through various tutorials. Though one of my skills is getting completely distracted from the tutorial and creating something completely different. 😀

And because when the creative bug strikes you don’t say no, here is a few new social media icons. If any one has ideas what other icons should be added to finish the set please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Amal Coad

I like these icons 😉 coooool 😉

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