Day 1: Something that a lot of people probably don’t know about you.

Quick note, added a new tutorial about lightening image for card in online TCGs, also added a few new random links to the exits page.

So, I thought I would give a go at a 31 day challenge just to see if I can get in to the swing of this blogging thing with a little more vigor.

Day 1 : Something a lot of people don’t know about me. (as the title suggests)
I think I’m on open book, so this one is a little tricky. I guess when you look at me you wouldn’t guess that I wasn’t born in this country. Born in Saudi Arabia, mind you I tend to like the looks on people faces when I tell them that, so I guess a fair few people know about that one.
Lets try another one, I actually spend a lot of time thinking about blogging and they are usually fairly coherent and in depth opinions. For example earlier today I was playing about with my deliciously new camera and the some of the basic techniques and setting. I took a few photos and really noticed how the light source effected the overall tone and composure of the photo. Now, I am under no cirumstance an expert in any type of photography but I can see what works (and what I like), I just cant tell what makes the photograph a good photograph. Taking the photos it really helped to show the contrast of good and bad, which I imediately thought would make an interesting blog, then I got home and started doing something else and the words for the blog left me…

As you can see my major issue is committing that article to a screen hence this challenge to myself where I can write something fairly interesting (hopefully anyway) and develop a habit of blogging on a regular bias. Which in turn means I can work on my spelling, ’cause looking back at this little paragraph I really can’t spell to save my life, thank god for spell check. 😀

Look at that, three things about me…. Aren’t I a little over achiever.

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