Dancing is good for the soul

Yeah, I’ve rediscovered the beauty that is deviantart, Uploaded some random bits of stock that I’ve had laying around for ages, still have a few more that I cannot find. I always seem to loose time when I start browsing the stock image section of deviantart. So many pretty images that I try and see if I can turn into something. Half the time I start something, get to a point that I am not happy with it or I cant get the light just the way I want it so I stop and save it for a later date. The amount of unfinished PSD I have laying around is rather frustrating. Even after cleaning out my files of old work, I have kept some of the ones where I can see where I want the image to go but I can quite make it go the way I want. I guess its good practice to keep tiding and editing, least I’m learning something.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul by ~maladjusted-freak on deviantART

I found the image of the ballet dancer (by Faestock) and just saw her glowing in a ballroom somewhere. The glow didnt quite come out as I wanted it but it wasnt far off so I think Im happy with it. I found the red of the outfit tricky to work with, I tried a fair few different way of trying to match the colour to the background but it didnt quite mesh until the final colour adjustments.

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