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Looking back at some of my posts they all used to be very digital graphic orientated but lately I’ve playing more with the practical side of things. I still do a fair bit of editing but it all tends to be photo enhancing of products… So in a minor effort to change this I’ve made this…

20140330-221250.jpg 20140330-221258.jpg

Made for a friend, who wanted a mini leaflet for his massage business. Have to say not bad for my first attempt at ‘pop art’ art. Found the lines especially challenging as the whole thing is made with lines. Then shading, I couldn’t get to look right with solid cartoon shades so I turned to my trusty blur tool and painted really roughly lines then blurred them, worked fabulously.

Then after I finished this I went straight back to resin. Here’s a quick pic of my workspace


Just to the right of the photo there is a three inch cubed space that I work. I joke (sorta), this is more of an assembly of the things I was going to resin minus the molds. In the end, I used half of what was pictured. The bottle caps were left, the sticker are being reserved for next time and the tray at the top is full of beads that have been taken from old broken jewellery that I did actually use.

That’s the pieces in the molds setting and drying. Not yet solid enough to be popped out yet but stay tuned for pops out tomorrow (Or knowing me next week…)! Im so excited about the green mold at the top, first time using it and I attempted to use a varity of colours that I had to wait to set before adding more colour to. Oooh I cant wait to see what they come out like!

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