Getting dressed this morning I realzied I hadnt done a shop finds for this tshirt place, that is amazing. So here we are. A while back I ordered a couple of t-shirts, from a company called teeturtle.


If you couldn’t tell, I like Dr who and Cats. Cats probably a bit more, because cats are so awesome and cool. And a Dalek cat is possible the coolest thing in the world. These are the first two designs that I ordered.
I forget exactly how much I paid but most of their shirts range between $15 -$20. Notice that they are in dollars, the company is based in the USA but they do ship internationally, I think paid about $6 to ship to the uk which is great. And the shipping time was fairly reasonable, I believe I only waited about a week and half. Of course the shipping time will change depending on the time of year, christmas will take longer but that would be for any things in the post. Though saying that I did order one for a friend early december and had it within two weeks so Photo 10-03-2016, 17 03 52
I’d hazard a guess and say they are well organised.
Not to mention if you sign up for the newsletter you can get notifications about sales, offers and new designs!

Most of the designs feature cute and quirky characters that are inspired by our favorite films, TV series and games. They even have some awesome crossovers, check out some of there Pokemon crossovers they are hilarious. And this company is happy to play on puns which is really not a bad thing.

The shirts are 100% cotton and most of the designs are screen printed, well according tho their FAQs, anyway. The print quality so far seems to last pretty well. The shirts you can see here have been through the wash at least 4 or 5 times with barely any affect on the colours or print.

This shirt on the right is my last purchase a couple of months back, is it not awesome?
Just in case my awesomeness is too much the shirt reads ‘It’s good to be bad’ and features Maleficent, Deadpool and Loki. Also lets not comment on how my selfie skills suck. We all had to start somewhere, right?

Anyway if you havent aready go and check them out, they are brilliant with some brilliant designs, and this post is not sponsered so all my chatter is just free publicity for them because I can.

Have you got any teeturle design or are you going to get some?

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Shop Finds : Pound Shops

So this shop find is a little different as its not about one shop/stall/seller, its about general finds in Pound shops.
Now I used to be a complete snob when it came to Pound shops. Thinking that only the lowest of the low shopped there and that the product quality was absolute trash. Nowadays I tend to have a wonder and see what’s about. You do have to be careful about what you buy and what you are going to use it for but there are somethings in there that are fairly decent for the price. There are some bargains to be had and there are some not so good deals to be had. As was seen on watchdog some things are cheaper in supermarkets when they are on offer but even then make sure the offer is genuine but that’s a topic for an other post.
So in prep for the post I did a little digging around online to see where Pound shops are likely to get their stocks from. Hoping that the fraud never popped up. You know what it didn’t. It seems most of the stock comes from surplus stock from the big chains, or stock that is end of line, or has an issue with the packaging. That issue can be that the label is changing or that there is an error. Neither factor would affect the actual product quality. It also seems that they commission some stock from the suppliers direct and promise to sell a certain about of product if the supplier can provide what they are asking. So the stock seems legit. Again the amounts that are sold in pound shops can be different to what’s found in the main supermarkets so if you’re comparing prices bear that in mind.

Right, I mainly nip into pound shops for nail varnish as odd as that sounds. Because my job is very practical my varnishes don’t last long, a day is normally the standard for me. So I started not wanting to spend £4 or upwards on a bottle. I was in there with a friend and I noticed that they had a couple of bottles of sally Hansen, I thought what the hell lets give it a try. Since then Ive been hooked. Not going to lie, I tend to stick to the branded names when I’m picking up nail polishes and more recently I’ve even found some of the dazzle dusts from BarryM but I haven’t used them as make up yet. I bought them for using in my crafting.Here are a few of polishes I’ve collected.

IMG_7102.JPG IMG_7103.JPG IMG_7104.JPG

I still buy certain polishes from the big shops, if I’m after a certain colour or if I want something specific but if you are just looking around and are happy with opportunist buys then check out what you can find.

I always have a little wonder around to see if there is anything else, on occasion Ive managed to pick up some nail tools, which Ive had for 6 months now and they are still in great shape. Ive also picked up a few storage containers, but they are a bit hit and miss. Some can be really flimsy and break really quick others seem to be half decent.

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Shop Finds : Killer Bunny

Another Camden stall for you to stop by and check out Killer Bunny, yes that’s also his website linked. Its an art shop/stall as Im sure you can see (he also has a couple of comics going). Its also the first place I bought a print. I tended to avoid buying prints because I always think I’ve got no where to put them but you know what? When you spot one you really like you will find a place that you can frequently see it and go awww when ever you walk past… Well that might just be me but you get what I mean.

Jeff Michalik, is the name behind these fantastic illustrations, he is based in the Market stall building and I think the stall is open all week, 10am till 6pm. Killer Bunny seems to be an orginal character that features very strongly over that stall, (and looks wicked in both senses of the word) and features in his orginal comics, which at some point I will pick up. There are also some of the classic super hero character drawn in the same style that makes them seem a little darker and slightly twisted compared to their traditional imagery. The one that really caught my eye was the venom piece pictured below, a favoured Spiderman villian of mine.
This one was his smallest sized print, an A5 size which I even manage to fit into a overly decorative/fancy frame, it kinda works though doesn’t it?

This stall is definaly worth a check out. I always have a quick nosey as Im passing. If you cant make it to Camden you can check out the site, it even looks like He’s been to a few MCM in London so it might even be worth trying to find him there.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.

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Shop Finds : Yococo

One of my favorite places to wonder around is Camden, if you haven’t been then please why not? Seriously its a great place to go. Yes there are a lot of shops on the high street that sell the same things for quite inflated prices but if you go past the lock there are some great little
stalls in the market place with wonderfully unique things. Little by little I will try and post a few of my favorites with a couple of buys from each one (if I have bought something from them, of course.)

The first place I would like to bring to your attention is Yococo. They have two stalls, one in the main market place near the stables and one near the food courts. Its a simple stall with purely t-shirts and vests. I’ve personally bought three vest from there at a fairly reasonable price.

IMG_7029.JPG IMG_7027.JPG
These were my first two buys. An Xmen top featuring Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue. You don’t see enough xmen merch out there so I had to get this, double bonus as Gambit and Rogue are on there. The second it R2D2, I’m not a massive starwars fan but the acid wash on this worked so well I couldnt resist. Plus you get a discount if you buy two.
If you didn’t already know, Venom Rocks my socks. I saw this one and pretty much squealed which could be seen as embarrassing as I was on my own at the time. But I got a Venom vest so there.

All their vests are one size fits all which normally I hate, not being a size 0 which I swear most ‘one size fits all’ tops are designed for (I normally fit 14-16s comfortably). These fit really well without pinching in the wrong unflattering places. Each of the tops is marked with the logo at the side there, the one shown is from the R2D2 vest. I was skeptical of buying from there as I though the prints would fade pretty quick and the fabric felt a bit too thin. So I thought they may not last very long. But I was pleasantly surprised when I first washed them that there was no marking or fading or creasing on the prints. Two of them I have now worn and washed frequently and still no change in the print or the fabric quality. The quality is there and pretty good to boot. They are still quite thin so I probably wont be wearing them mid winter on their own but they are great for summer and warm weather! Plus I highly doubt any vest would be suitable for winter on it’s own.
Recently I have also found they have a Website here, after a bit of searching I found that all three of the vests I purchased are not on the site, nor are some of the designs Ive seen at the stalls, so quick warning if you are looking to purchase the ones seen here you go the stalls in Camden. There is a contact form on the site so you could try that too. They also have a facebook page where most of the designs seem to be posted.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.

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Parcel opening!

So I recently ordered a lovely little pendant from Charlotter Rose shop. I meant to record a little video opening it because I was so excited but I opened without recording cause waiting is not one of my strong points.
Warning there are quite a few photos!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 03

What was in the package…

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 30 (1)

Under the bubble wrap..

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 10

Pretty envelope, this contained the invoice.

Photo 09-09-2014 12 13 43

The package. Prettiness! Whats inside?

Photo 09-09-2014 12 14 23

oooh shinny! Look at the glitter!

Photo 09-09-2014 12 16 24

Its a Batman Pendant! Think I love it…. Yes I do love it. na na na na na na BATMAN! Brilliant.

Stunning little piece, great length of chain that finished with a heart clasp. The charm itself is the perfect size, and the colour combo is typical Batman but a great combo with the heart and Batman symbol. Thank you so for it!

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