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So if you know me in the slightest, then you will know I have a small addiction to my phone and Instagram. Now Im not one of those that post pics of everything but I love to have a good ol’ browse. Especially of the #Resin. There are so many pretty things to look at!
Anyway, I wanted an App that could track followers and give me some general details about who likes what and so on. So I did whatever any savy chappie might do, I downloaded four… Here’s a quick summary of how I got on with them and the free features they come with.

Quick point, I have only played with the free features of each app.

followers First up, Followers+
Features :
– How many Followers you have
– How many you are following
– How many followers Gained
– How many followers Lost
– How many people you are not following back
– How many people are not following you back

These stats are all available on the front page of the app, so easy to get to. It will also show you the total stats since you installed the app and the stats for since it last updated, which is useful to see if its a type of post that is turning people off your feed. It also has a scrolling menu in the middle that shows your average likes per photo, total likes, photos per week, followers, and Ghost followers. Personally, I don’t like this. Yes you can hold it still to read it but its seems unnecessary for the amount of stats its actually showing. The fact its moving also means that I am less inclined to use it.
The app will allow you to see who is following you, who you are following, and who you have gained and lost with names, you can also choose to follow or unfollow through app.
The App used that last photo you posted as a background as well, which is quite cool looking but if you tend to like dark photos then then app looks a tad dark too.
There are a couple of extras you can buy to enhance the app but for now we are just looking at the freebies.
Its a good basic package, you can simply keep track of followers and that’s it really, the free version doesn’t really go much further than that.

Instafollower mzl.ulxblqqy
Features :
– New Followers
– Who has Unfollowed
– Not Following Back
– You arent Following back
– Users who have blocked you
– How Many followers you have
– How many you are following
– How many posts you have.

I love the look of this app, its very clean and easy to read. The Stats are all listed down the screen, not much else to say there. This app will also allow you to add multiple Instagram accounts and track them separately. Again this app will allow you see the users that have interacted with you (or not if they unfollow) and you can choose to follow or unfollow them through the app. With this app though it does allow you actually see the users profile as you un/follow them. This is a great little feature makes it a little more personal when interacting with your peers.
The reason I downloaded this app was for its blocked feature, no has blocked me yet so haven’t had to use it but handy to have.

yourfriendsInsta Friends
This all is a little different from the other two so far, this one is more about the followers and their interaction with you.
Features :
– My Best Followers (Most likes/comments)
– My worst Followers (Least Like/Comments)
– How many followers you have
– How many you are Following

The layout is lovely and clean, but this one seems a little plain. The features are also quite limited, even if you buy the expansion that only unlocks the ghost followers options. If you are after something simple then this might be the one for you. I really didn’t like it, too simple for me.

Features :
– Amount of Followers
– Amount you are Following
– Blockers
– Gained Followers
– Lost Followers
– Non – Followers
– Fans

This is probably the most comprehensive app I have downloaded but you do have to pay for everything, though you can get the best friends pack for free if you review it. Which is great for seeing which of your followers is the most interactivity with you although it just lists the followers not what their interactions are. Again although most of the engagement packs are blocked off you can still see some of the stats just not who falls into each category. The app also splits the gained or lost follower between today and yesterday so handy to see if its a certain post that putting people off.
So far this is my favorite one, well potentially my favorite one, I like the layout its easy to read easy to navigate and all the basic information is on the main screen.

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New Year…

Happy New year, I know that was last week, but its the thought that counts!

So had an epic Christmas, got some lovely photos of the project I was talking about last blog which will go up at some point when I decide to upload some photos. Which to be fair will probably be quite soon as I have yet another little project I’m working on that is driving me some what up the wall at the minute. More ranting on that in a moment.

Firstly I want to say I am typing on this out on the coolest and prettiest present the history of time. Yes, its a lovely Mac Book Pro. She is the BOMB! Excellent now that is out there and I cant stop smiling every time I look at it (its so fast and smooth) we can get on with an informative rant. Well maybe not so informative but I’ll let you decide.

So my new project, I say new but its been something I have been playing with for a while. I have been making jewelry, I’ve only finished a few pieces but I really like the idea of selling them Esty (or something similar), simply because a lot of the ideas I want to make I wouldn’t really wear. Not because they look horrendous or trashy but because I tend to stick to a few pieces and that’s it. Every now and then I might mix it up but ultimately I always go back to the same things. I used think I dressed like a cartoon character in the same outfit every episode. I like the idea of someone genuinely picking up something of mine and enjoying it in a way that I couldn’t. So Esty, the market place for the homemade appeals to me.
I’ve already written most of the shop policies and the such, my next hurdle is the product descriptions and most importantly (or so I’ve read) is the product photography. I’ve taken a few photos that to be honest are terrible. The lighting is all orange/yellow and the background is cluttered. Basically, I have to work on it.
So where does one start when trying to take a decent product photo. Google. Google is my firend. Most of the advice boils down to keep it in focus, keep the colours true to product, show the product off from different angles and most importantly use good lighting. Now what defines good light? Not surprisingly, day light. What does England lack after 3pm? Oh that’s right day light. So can I work around that? Wait till my day off and just take the photos then. Easy right? Not so much. By the time I get enough free time to actually sit down and take the photos its already dark. Gotta love the winter season. So Google says that I can build whats called a light box using some simple things around the house.
Yeah still not that simple. Oddly enough I own one Lamp. The most important factor in the light box and lamp. So what the hell, lets just go and buy one. But what type of lamp to get, the sites all say a Daylight bulb is the best way to go so lets go with that, so far the only ones I’ve spotted are 60w an above and the lamps in my price range are 40w and below…. I can see this not working… We can but try so tomorrows task to buy a lamp and a nice bulb. Once the I’ve got this all figured out I will post something half decent. 😀

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Geeks and Zombies

Two blogs in one day! Aren’t you a lucky reader? The last two weeks have been wonderfully busy for me. I went to MCM London ComiCon the other week and it was amazing! Emphasis on Amazing! Too be fair, I wasn’t that impressed with the merchandise section but then I think it was because I was hugely distracted my all the fantastic costumes that were floating around. In fact for the second day, we didn’t even bother going in to the expo just hung out outside and took pictures of the cosplayers. I was more than happy to do that all day.
Check out some of the pictures, please excuse my amature photography skills, I was far too distracted to be able to fully focus on the photo set up. I really dont feel like I did justice to half the outfits I saw. Every time I saw one amazing character, I’d blink and there would be another one going the other direction and I couldn’t see half as much as I wanted. Every time I turned around there would be another great cosplayer. There will be better shots next time, that I can guarantee.

The other fun even that happened was a Zombie night (actually a friends birthday), that one amused me for a good week before. Playing around with make up and I even got my hands on some liquid latex to make a couple of fake wounds. Ripped up an out fit and covered it in blood, nothing to fancy just an old pair of jeans and a pale t-shirt. Paled my face a little and added hollowing make up, then stuck a gaping wound on my face and arms, mussed my hair to a giant mess and done….

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 23.32.29

I really liked the look, the bouncer even called me scary. So result for the night. Though I will say I did notice a rather big difference between my make up and the more theatrical styles out in the club, in the dark my lost its impact so the lesson on the night was the darker it is the more you need. Eh. Still love it and had fun so all is good.

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Topic 12 : Your favourite place to hang out

I used to have a favorite place to hand out, well not so much a hang out as a playground. We used to live above a shop that had a set of allotments behind it, that’s rented gardens to our non-English resident readers. At the back of these allotments was a row or garages and the very last allotment had a little section that ran up the side of these garages. The very end allotment was never used and I think as treated as a bit of a dumping ground. There were two trees that grew in it and the bit that ran up besides the was almost fenced off but there was a cut in the fence that allowed me to play in between there. I kept an old stool up there that my cat used to sit on, because my favorite playmate was always my cat, Ceaser. I would catch spiders in a giant sweet jar, you the ones that the weighing sweets came from, so that they wouldn’t creep up on me when I was playing around there. I think I even made a mud pie in an old pot up there once, well to be honest it was probably more than once. I don’t really remember what games I used to play there but I remember being complete impersed in my own little play world. The allotment was so close to the house so Mum and Dad never worried but it was hidden enough that I could imagine my own little world quite happily then pop back to the real world for the occasional snail race.

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Topic 10 : The weirdest dream you’ve had.

Ooooh I like this topic, years ago I had the most awesome dream ever. There were these flying platforms, that I knew were the typical mode of transport for time period (I think it was future), the earth was being invaded by aliens, I never saw the aliens in their adult forms but they laid their young everywhere. The baby aliens hatched from tiny clear jelly-like eggs, that would be piled up together like big dry piles of frog spawn, and looked very much like giant black spiders with fat bodies and long lanky legs. The eggs would crack open just at the top (think face huggers from ‘alien’ style) and the little buggy aliens would scurry out tiny little creatures that would grow large within hours. When they were small they were harmless things almost vulnerable, they would have to wait and hide till their eggs shells dried out then eat the shells to help them grow quickly. If you heard shells crunching underfoot then you knew there were spider-aliens nearby and to be on your guard. Me and a few other people were part of a resistance or something similar, it wasn’t exactly clear what we were but we were in the minority and fighting the aliens for control of the earth. Our mission was to try and kill the young ones before they matured, sounds easy enough but the eggs seems to pop up in the most random of places, this batch was hiding under the ‘dashes’ of the flying vehicles, but they could turn up any where. In this dream they some how managed to get in to my boots and I crushed a batch of them as I put them on while we were ‘suiting up’. Instead of being grossed out, it was a really great accomplishment. The dream sort of faded from there. I like to think that we, of course, saved the world with complete ease. We squished our way to victory. The reason that dream really sticks with me after so long is that it felt so real, I could smell the diesel from the flying platforms, I knew the history of the aliens and how they came to earth. It was intense, for a dream anyway.

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