Maladjusted Designs

So you may have already guessed for the past month I have been working on opening an Etsy shop, featuring bits that I have made. Mostly earrings, I seem to have an affinity for earrings. I love making them.

There’s a gallery now set up that I will update periodically but for instant updates please follow me on Instagram where I will post a few random images. I haven’t quite hit the stage where I am willing to fulfill custom orders but if you have a suggestion that you might like to see then feel free to suggest.
There is also a little gallery there of deigns that aren’t for sale but versions may pop up in the shop at some point in the future.

And Just because I can some pretties…

Photo 20-02-2014 11 42 30Photo 20-02-2014 12 33 33Photo 11-02-2014 19 31 29

All packaged and ready to go 😀

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