Resin Video Update.

Oh look a new video… Just a simple resin update. Some stuff on there that hasn’t been posted anywhere else! Nah it probably has been posted somewhere. It took me long enough eh?

Also set up a little newletter on the facebook page, I haven’t put the templates together yet but Im working on it. You are more than welcome to sign up and get updates about Maladjusted Designs once I start using the News letter. Which for the moment I will probably start in about a months times. Plenty of time for me to put something nice and cohesive together. I’ve also put a mini shop on to the facebook page so you can see the items without having to leave facebook! Purchases still have to be made through etsy though.

Got some more pieces is the works too, comic book ones so keep an eye out. OOh and I have a little sale going on at the moment

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.18.42

More things are being added, with my work scheduale I couldnt do it all in one hit. They are under one header on the site and I have dropped the prices to as low as I can so try and make room for new stock!

Also been working on a new logo, at the minute you’ll have noticed that Im using MF in the bottem left og every image. That of course works for Maladjusted Freak (the site) but not so much for Maladjusted Deigns so I’ve been putting a new one together…

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.30.21

Its not perfect yet but I think its getting there. Trying to update the shapes to make the M a little more versatile. And of course you’ll recognize the swirl in the D from the current F. I am trying to get the spacing right so that I can keep a vector of the orginal in black and white then edit the colours to suit what ever I need to use it for. Once its done I will probably try and redesign a couple of business cards and a stamp.

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Photo Madness

Two months since the last post… Naughty Maladjusted! Nah not really, if you are an avid follower (or online stalker) then you probably know I have been updating Etsy, facebook and Instagram often. If you didnt know that then why are you not following me on there? :p

I just wanted to share this photo :

simple spiderman character rings-image1

To start its a new set of rings going in to my etsy shop, but it also a result of playing around with different backgrounds and the Macro setting on my camera! I think its definitely one of my favorite shots so far! More will be appearing in the gallery soon!

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New Video and a bit of a babble….

So the good stuff first, I made a little video. You can even hear my voice aren’t you lucky?

I know my menu there kinda cuts the video up, but go and look at it on youtube if you want, while you’re there you can subscribe!

Ive been thinking what am I supposed to put on the facebook page? I mean I share all the info posted on other social media sites which to be fair is pretty much instagram and Etsy… I might just keep posting what ever some to mind. I know I’m planning a giveaway on facebook soon so that’ll be something new to post about but what else?

OOh, this is really sad too, but I am spending a little bit of time re organizing my inventory today, not the physical inventory but the record of it. At the moment everything is in just one big list and that list seems to be growing bigger and bigger. Mainly because I keep (or try to) the links where I got the items. So if I ever want to re order I have a idea where I got something. Which is great in practice but means that when I come to check it I can barely find anything… So Going to start a new document in Numbers (macs version of excel) and break the items down to categories, like findings, beads, consumables and so on that way in theory I can just click to find something. Plus I like doing things like this….

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Ooops…. I did it again…

I have been fairly active online just not on here and when I haven’t been messing with photos to go etsy or taking them, I have been making resin stuff and experimenting with random bit and pieces here and there. The galleries are updated so you can see what I’ve been up to if you want to.

pink sparkle vamp cameo-image3
octupus resin star necklace-image1
purple and white ribcage-image2

A couple of my favourites, okay there are lots more favourites but I couldnt fit them all in to one post.
I’ve even made a video about a basic photo set up. Its short and sweet but you can view it below ๐Ÿ˜€

Its basically the set up I use and move it around the house depending on the time of day and where the light it. I keep meaning to add a resin update video too but working most of the day means I loose natural light very quickly. Weekend off soon so I’ll try and get it done then but I do have more jewellery to photography so maybe not…

See you next time ๐Ÿ˜€

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Just a quick One

Not much going on lately, added a few new pieces to the gallery and shop. Still got a few more cameo charms to add but I rather foolishly ran out of daylight to photograph them so now I have to wait for my next day off to get some quality images.


I am over the moon with this photo. I love the compistion, barely any edits to it at all. Lightened the tone ever so slightly and sharpened the image when I re sized it for the shop other than that no extra post editing.
And the set up was so simple, Just layed out a few white sheets, positioned the necklace and then mixed up the setting (yes it was shot on manual) and shot away!. If you really want to compare some of the other shots I’ve taken over the past few months pop to the gallery and see how this one compares.
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 21.19.52

I nearly forgot, I’ve been playing with a facebook page for Maladjusted Designs. Its not published yet but I had fun making the banner. Although now I want to redesign the shop banner in the same style…. Maybe. Not sure what to put up there really, Easy enough to just post items but I was trying to think of a little bit more to add thats relevant.

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