Light box Completed

So I built my light box, the only problem was that I really didnt have enough light so I will post proper photos of the completed set up once I have acquired an other light source. Just as a teaser though I will show the photos I managed to get from the light box, unedited of course.


To be fair for a first attempt they aren’t too bad. I recognise that I do need to work on the lighting source, the top two were taken with the flash on but the bottom one wasn’t. I still think the shadows are a little strong on a few of the shots but that can be countered with some extra light placement. I tried added an extra lamp but it turned the image very yellow, even with the white balaence setting on the camera itself.

Oh and if you like these little pieces then pop back again sometime next week when they go on sale, just waiting for some of the packaging to arrive before I list them.

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The light box starts…


So I managed to get to work and pick up some boxes to attempt the diy light box. I also found out my manager who is a professional photographer has a one I can he said I could borrow so brilliant fall back plan if this one doesn’t quite work out. Being the genius I am, I did forget to pick up another lamp but let’s get the box going and see how it work with what I have. If this goes well I will write up a detailed tutorial including sections with the white balance function as that seems to be missing from the tutorials I’ve read so far.

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Dancing is good for the soul

Yeah, I’ve rediscovered the beauty that is deviantart, Uploaded some random bits of stock that I’ve had laying around for ages, still have a few more that I cannot find. I always seem to loose time when I start browsing the stock image section of deviantart. So many pretty images that I try and see if I can turn into something. Half the time I start something, get to a point that I am not happy with it or I cant get the light just the way I want it so I stop and save it for a later date. The amount of unfinished PSD I have laying around is rather frustrating. Even after cleaning out my files of old work, I have kept some of the ones where I can see where I want the image to go but I can quite make it go the way I want. I guess its good practice to keep tiding and editing, least I’m learning something.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul by ~maladjusted-freak on deviantART

I found the image of the ballet dancer (by Faestock) and just saw her glowing in a ballroom somewhere. The glow didnt quite come out as I wanted it but it wasnt far off so I think Im happy with it. I found the red of the outfit tricky to work with, I tried a fair few different way of trying to match the colour to the background but it didnt quite mesh until the final colour adjustments.

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Pink poster….

So yet again my attention has been diverted from this deightful blog… I have a good reason that I cannot yet share. After christmas I should be able to share, I’ve been working on a present which all I am going to say about it for now.

Behind a Mask by ~maladjusted-freak on deviantART

My Lastest little creation, with this I tried to move away from the standard grungy feel my graphics tend to lean towards. It kinda works, the first look its very pink and Kawaii, then you notice the mask…. Which adds a creepy feel. Couldn’t help myself. 😀

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The New Donkey Care Plan

Well my manger asked me to help him out with a little project that he was working on for the area managers, basiclly I had to create a donkey plan in place of our standard Bike Care plans, apparently they are doing a presentation in the form of a nativity so instead of Bikes they focus on Donkeys.


So I came up with that. Very pleased with it. And my area manager just emailed me saying it cracked him up so bonus for me! (Excuse the quality I took a photo of my screen)

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