Topic 21 : Something you’re proud of.

Im proud of lots of things. Some more than other to be honest but Im not sure what I want write about. Because it solidifies that proudness of that deed. If that makes sense.

I know I made a graphic a while back that I was particualry pleased with. Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 22.19.02

Its a sonic print. Took me about four days to try and get it right. I had a really clear image in my head of what I wanted and it came out pretty close. Which is something I’ve been struggling with in my graphic world for a while. My muse seems to be taking a break.

I wanted to do a sort of pixelated nebula siluette. The ring was a something that hit me after I’d finished the sonic part and felt like it need something more. I remeber playing with the details inside the blue quite a bit to try and spread them evenly. Also if you see the little bits of ‘shine’ in side sonic they were mostly ‘hand drawn’ to try an add bit of depth.

The reason I think i’m proud of this is because its one of the first pieces I finihsed in a while that I am actually happy with. I mean really happy with.

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Resin Video Update.

Oh look a new video… Just a simple resin update. Some stuff on there that hasn’t been posted anywhere else! Nah it probably has been posted somewhere. It took me long enough eh?

Also set up a little newletter on the facebook page, I haven’t put the templates together yet but Im working on it. You are more than welcome to sign up and get updates about Maladjusted Designs once I start using the News letter. Which for the moment I will probably start in about a months times. Plenty of time for me to put something nice and cohesive together. I’ve also put a mini shop on to the facebook page so you can see the items without having to leave facebook! Purchases still have to be made through etsy though.

Got some more pieces is the works too, comic book ones so keep an eye out. OOh and I have a little sale going on at the moment

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.18.42

More things are being added, with my work scheduale I couldnt do it all in one hit. They are under one header on the site and I have dropped the prices to as low as I can so try and make room for new stock!

Also been working on a new logo, at the minute you’ll have noticed that Im using MF in the bottem left og every image. That of course works for Maladjusted Freak (the site) but not so much for Maladjusted Deigns so I’ve been putting a new one together…

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 20.30.21

Its not perfect yet but I think its getting there. Trying to update the shapes to make the M a little more versatile. And of course you’ll recognize the swirl in the D from the current F. I am trying to get the spacing right so that I can keep a vector of the orginal in black and white then edit the colours to suit what ever I need to use it for. Once its done I will probably try and redesign a couple of business cards and a stamp.

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Dr Who And Blue

My Latest casting pulled. This is probably half the pieces that I finished, well nearly finished. The Dr who pieces need to be painted and glossed. (Although plain colours can be be requested and added to my shop) I am half tempted to keep the blue lips for myself, its so pretty. With the skeleton I tried something new to try and bring the detail out more. It worked quite well though I think next time I will try it with a brighter colour to bring it out more.

And check this out..


I made some customer comment request cards for my colleagues to hand out at work. We have this thing where we are trying to get customers to feed back to us about the service. Hopefullt these will inspire people to contact us!

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Crafty 180

Looking back at some of my posts they all used to be very digital graphic orientated but lately I’ve playing more with the practical side of things. I still do a fair bit of editing but it all tends to be photo enhancing of products… So in a minor effort to change this I’ve made this…

20140330-221250.jpg 20140330-221258.jpg

Made for a friend, who wanted a mini leaflet for his massage business. Have to say not bad for my first attempt at ‘pop art’ art. Found the lines especially challenging as the whole thing is made with lines. Then shading, I couldn’t get to look right with solid cartoon shades so I turned to my trusty blur tool and painted really roughly lines then blurred them, worked fabulously.

Then after I finished this I went straight back to resin. Here’s a quick pic of my workspace


Just to the right of the photo there is a three inch cubed space that I work. I joke (sorta), this is more of an assembly of the things I was going to resin minus the molds. In the end, I used half of what was pictured. The bottle caps were left, the sticker are being reserved for next time and the tray at the top is full of beads that have been taken from old broken jewellery that I did actually use.

That’s the pieces in the molds setting and drying. Not yet solid enough to be popped out yet but stay tuned for pops out tomorrow (Or knowing me next week…)! Im so excited about the green mold at the top, first time using it and I attempted to use a varity of colours that I had to wait to set before adding more colour to. Oooh I cant wait to see what they come out like!

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The Light box took off

As title suggests, my light box got the better of me and had now moved to live in the bin. In theory great idea, one that I will re visit in the future but for now I will have to make do with natural light on my days off.
I’ll list some of the main issues I had, in case they may be of help to anyone else (and I have them when I re build it).

1. The shape of the box was far too big and long. Bearing in mind the items I was trying to photograph were very small, the box I had chosen (found) was one designed to hold several stereo, it was difficult to move around and fill with a background.

2. Keep the light sources the same. I attempted to work with a couple of different lights, that were all different tempratures, this seem to completely confuse the cameras white baleancing feature. When I used one lamp in conjunction with nautral light it the photos cam out much brighter and cleaner.

3. Your camera’s flash is not always your friend. The flash seemed to negate all the placement I worked on with the extra lamps and just bring back the harsh shadows. Plus on shinny objects it adds a massive glare spot to everything.

3. Standard paper will black out most of the light, so work with bright lights or use tissue paper. I ended up using an old thin sheet that created a nice glow.

4. Not really light box related but still worth a mention, use a tripod. You will have to play with your cameras settings (especially if you have manual settings) if you set your exposure longer than normal you will need something steady to avoid blurry photos.

For the time being I will have to settle for taking photos on my days off on sunny days, though I will add that sunlight can be very unreliable so be prepared to take lots of photos to get that perfect one.

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