Kick Ass Kisses : Freedom Pro Melts

What this another Lipstick review/discussion? Yes. Yes it is. Today I wanted to talk about Freedom Pro melts. Dont they look posh? Only £3. Bargin or what? Again this was a bit of an impluse buy while shopping around superdrug. Superdrug, has a good knack of putting things in the right place for impluse purchases, Well done super drug. As you can guess it was the price point that pulled me into this one. For three pounds you can’t really go wrong.

So first thing with these, I adore the outer packaging. Simple and professional looking. Im not a fan of the actually lipstick container. I think the white cap, though stands apart from other brands, looks a tad too plain.

The price point on these are its biggest draw, £3 for a tube of 7.5ml which calculates to £2 per 10ml. Which is darn cheap. Can it really go wrong for that price?

As you can see I picked two colours out. The blue is called ‘Just do it’ and the Purple is ‘Wanted’.


The Applicators are standard angled doe foots, so application is easy, though I struggled to get it near the edge of lips without it noticably bleeding. Results would probably be better with a lip liner. There is no smell from either so that is a bonus.

Wanted (the purple one) goes on quite well. It gives fairly decent coverage if you apply it generaouly. Not excessively but more dont be stingy with the product. It is definitly more of gloss than a lipstick so there is a nice shine to it. The forumla still seemed a little streaky on it own, so I would recomend using something under it to give a better colour finish. I felt the product moved around a little more than I like once it has been applied and I’d often get little bits on my teeth and around my piercing. So it does need to be touched up through out the day.


‘Just do it’ (the blue one), was just wrong. The colour payout was dissapointing to say the least. A thin layer over another lipstick is the way to go with this one. It comes out really sheer. Even trying to build it up it is just streaky and patchy. This cannot be worn on its own at all. Which made me really sad because I this as a solid colour would have been awesome. Like the purple this moves on the lips after application a little too much for my comfort and with harsh colours like this you do have to be carefull because smudges look so much more noticable.


The lovegevity of both lipsticks is neglible for me. As Ive said before, I smoke and drink (coffee) all day so transfer is the bane of my lipsticks and this just melts away before I’ve even finished a cup. If you looking for something for a photoshoot or something quick then these are great otherwise there are better options out there, even in the more outragous colours.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. Im not a massive fan of lip glosses to start with, for me these appealed to be because of the bright colours and I enjoy trying new lipsticks. Do you agree with me, or do think these are the bees knees?

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Kick Ass Kisses : Bonjour Rouge

Today we are looking at Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Ole Flamingo 5. This is the first lip liquid lipstick that I purchased specifically as a long wear liquid lipstick. It was just a random little find from Superdrug, also the first Bonjour product I’ve purchased so I was quite excited to try it.

The product is described as a Bold colour with matt finish and Flawless hold, which as I said before is why I thought it would be a good buy. I paid £8.99, which works out as £13.42 per 10ml, least according to the superdrug site it does. Seems reasonable for a drug store brand and for the quantity.
The package is cute and small, perfect for makeup bags, well, perfect for my tiny makeup bag.


It comes with a pretty standard angled doe foot applicator that is easy to use and control the application. The actual texture of the product is smooth and feels fairly moisturizing for a supposed matte formula.
I adore the colour, even though with lipsticks I tend to prefer the louder more unusual colours this one just spoke to me. The colour really popped with just one layer, I found it to a be a very wearable colour.
The longevity was debatable. It definitely wasn’t touch proof. I’m a smoker and a chronic coffee drinker so things are always touching my lips and there was a fair bit of transfer to start with. Oddly enough though, the colour always seemed quite strong on the lips even after a few cups of coffee and me feeling like half the colour should have transferred off!


Looks great right. But hold on, it looks a little shinny there doesn’t it? That was my big issue with this lipstick. It’s advertised as matte, but it doesn’t really dry down. It isn’t exactly a high shine but it definitely is not a matte. I’d say more of a satin finish, not a big deal unless you wanted something matte then… don’t get this one.

To be honest though, even though the matte feature was one of the main reasons I bought this, I still really like it with the slight shine. The colour lasts a lot longer than standard lipsticks and when it does wear off it seems wear off evenly so it doesn’t look disastrous when it starts coming off. The formula is in no way drying and feels really light.

Over all I would definitely purchase this again, or at least purchase it in a different colour again.

Have you tried this before? What do you think of it? Is there anything I’ve missed about the product that you want to know?

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Lip Balms Choices

Quick note : I have changed the blog layout to expand the text area and raise the side bar slightly. I think it works a bit better and feels a bit more spaced out but some of the older posts are not made for a wide layout so my not look 100%. Most of them are fine its just the images that moved out slightly. Anyway one to the acutal post.

I have a thing for lip balms, not in the sense that Im addicted to the them just that I need them. My lips get so dry all the time. And in the winter forget it, they are just cracked bits of painful skin. It horrendous. So I figured that I would do a bit of a write up on the ones I’ve tried. And I have tried a fair few because if we are honest, no one can keep hold of a lip balm for more than three weeks. Yeah they turn back up for short intervals every now and then but ultimately vanish again very quickly.

burtbeesThe first one is the newest one I’ve picked up, it’s a Burt Bees Ultra conditioning, ultra revitalize. I found this one in Holland and Barret and had heard good things about the brand in general so figured I’d give it a go.
It smells fairly nice, kinda like sweet wax, its a pleasant scent. It applies nice and smoothly and feels light, you don’t really notice on unless you press your lips together. Though when it first goes on it does feel a bit waxy. This is supposed to last four hours, it didn’t. It seemed to evaporate after about 1/2 hour so I needed to apply it quite often. As for the Ultra conditioning, ultra revitalize aspect of it, it didn’t seem to make any long term difference. When the balm was on my lips felt moisturized and for a short while after it seemed to feel softer and more moturised, but after about an hour they dried up again. I didn’t feel this made any long term difference at all.

BABYLIPS-ELECTROThis was a impulse buy for me, I saw it in boots at check outline and though it looks fun. I picked up the Pink Shock.
There was a sweet berry scent to it, which was nice. It has a colour tint to it, which I love, it’s a subtle but gives a touch of colour if you’re having a pale day. The balm itself supprised me, it felt like a really light and not that greasy or oily. Again this is supposed to last about 8 hours, again it didn’t, but evaporate/absorb immediately, it seem to fade after about an hour and left my lips feeling mosturized. One thing to watch is if you like to apply lip balm regugualry through the day is to watch your application because of the colour tint it can be messy if you’re not careful.

colaThis was another impulse buy, form Primark of all places. I actually bought two, a vanilla coke and a sprite. I think I’ve also tried the cherry coke one but that one was a long while back.
These both smell so delicious! Both like their namesakes, though sprite just smells citrus sweet as the drink doesn’t really have a strong smell. They both tasted yummy too, again tasted just like their namesakes. But their moisturizing qualities were non existent, if we are honest. They feel non greasy, light and seem to offer a light layer of protection against the elements but don’t last long, and because they taste so yummy you find that you do lick your lips a bit more than usual. Which if you are chapped lip sufferer then you know that’s not a good habit.
They are great novelty items but they are more for the fun, if you are in need of serious re hydration or lip protection then skip these ones.

Nivea Lip BalmThis is one I bought at boots, one I bought on purpose for a change. I’ve always like the Nivea body moisturizer so I thought I needed one for my lips.
No smell to this one, so not much to say about that. It goes on really smoothly. This is probably a slightly heavy lip balm but not greasy or waxy, which makes it perfect for winter giving an awesome protective layer against the elements. I do find that the heavy formula makes it uncomfortable in the warmer days. This probably lasts a good few hours and does actually leave my lips more hydrated. Usually a couple of days of use and most of the chapped-ness (is that word?) is pretty much gone.
I will say that if you go for the Nivea ones don’t go for the tinted pink one, it comes out really frosty and because of the pastel tint the colour doesn’t build well.

vaseline-lip-therapy-aloe-vera This is my standard go to for lip balms. I think I have four or five floating around, the original, coco butter, Aloe Vera, and Paint the town red (a limited edition tinted one).
Now there is a bit of controversy over Vaseline because its a petroleum product. Its not a moisturizing product, I’ve always viewed it as a protective product. If that makes sense. When you apply it it creates a lasting barrier between your lips and everything else. Trapping in your lips natural moisture, more importantly preventing the drying elements for attacking your lips, whether its your saliva or the wind or the cold, it keeps everything off your lips. This stuff works for me, brilliantly. Its so easy to apply, yeah it feels a little greasier than some of the other but it lasts longer too. So a bit of give and take there. I do prefer the Aloe Vera and coco butter ones they do seem to make my lips a little smoother than the original.

Thats my balm for the minutes, least I think that’s all of them…. Have you tried any them, what did you think? Or do you have one you’d recommend?

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A Nail Oil Adventure

Have you checked out SimplyNailogical? Why not? I insist you go and check her out now.


Since I have found her youtube channel I fell in love, with her nails that is. She has such an amazing talent with nail art and combined with her sassy sarcasm its just a brilliant channel. And she uses the most beautiful holo nailpolishes, dont know what a holo polish is? She has a video for that can tell you. Just go watch a couple of videos and you’ll get what I mean, cause this post isn’t about her she just kinda helped inspire it.
So what I wanted to talk about was nail oils, watching all her lovely nail videos made me look at my nails and think they could look better. A lot better. Mostly because of my job, I tend to deal with a lot of cleaning product, paints and oils, so it does take its toll on my hands.

Photo 12-11-2015, 21 12 21Photo 20-02-2016, 12 25 47

Sorry the first photo is so dark, I obviously don’t like photographing my nails when they are dry and icky. But in both you can see that around the nails is all dry and the skin is breaking. Basically they have seen better days.

Its not massively bad, I’ve seen girls with nails much worse than mine but I do already have a small nail routine in place, that it seems to be maintaining their state but not really improving it.
Watching SimplyNailogical she always talks about this nail oil, Bliss Kiss Pure Oil. I was skeptical, as their are a few bloggers out there that do a lot of sponsored bits. So I did a bit of research and it does seem that this particular product does have either really good reviews or neutral ones. Sounds good, right? The only issue is getting it to the uk. This is official website, the prices actually look reasonable for the products, what doesn’t is the shipping. £9 to ship it which pretty much doubles the cost and for one item that I don’t know is going to make a difference. I get the cost, Im not complaining about it as such, its a business they need to cover their costs, that’s cool. It just that I don’t want to pay over £20 to try something that I don’t know will work for me. I mean if there is anyone out there that wants to go in with me and buy a few things that yeah I’ll probably go for it. Or if there was a few other things I was buying from there then yeah it works out worth it. But as it stands now, I would rather see if their are any alternatives more locally to me to try.

So I did what anyone with access to Youtube does, I searched for reviews and nail oils. What I found was a dozens videos of people swearing that they make their own oils and have done for years and its pretty made from much stuff you already own. Like everyone other DIY video out there. Surprisingly though I did actually own most of the stuff that people claimed worked. So what the hell I thought lets try it.
I’m not going to link all the videos I watched because there was quite a few and some weren’t as helpful as others, I will link this one because it was informative, she listed alternatives and seemed to know what was going on and why she was adding different things. She made it look so easy.

I tried it. Not to the exact recipe that was mentioned in the video i linked but something close. This is what I used :
Olive Oil / Coconut Oil (Several other videos recomended these as an alternative to Jojoba oil)
Sandlewood oil
Teatree oil
Caster oil
Sounds like it should have worked right? No. If you are making an Nail oil don’t add coconut oil. This is what will happen :

Photo 06-03-2016, 23 53 11Photo 06-03-2016, 23 51 47

Yeah, coconut oil, is a solid so it made the whole mixture a soft mush. On a good note as you apply it, the solution melts so it kinda worked. Because it melts so quick and with very little heat, I’ve been sticking it in my pocket for a 5 minutes before using it and then its back to a liquid. It smells great, but it leaves my hands oily which I’m not fan of, so far I’ve just been using it when I know I have time to massage it in for about ten minutes.
So after that semi-fail, I did cop out and finally found an apocathary branded one in Boots, that smells of roses. This one

Ive been using it about week now and I think its starting to make a difference. The skin around my nails has really softened up and hasnt ripped or flaked much. Hopefully if I can keep using it then my nails will also grow a little longer and stronger.

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